Charge Your Laptops, Our 4-Hour Sale Is Today!

We cannot, CANNOT contain our excitement. Today, from 7pm to 11pm EST, we’re holding our 4-Hour Sale! For four hours, shoppers will receive 20% off purchases between $200-$499, and 25% off purchases $500 or over. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to wait until Black Friday for amazing sales? We were getting a little anxious, too.  Oh, and since we now offer free shipping on orders over $100, that’s just one more thing to look forward to. Make sure you’re at your computer, ready to go when it starts, and happy shopping!


  1. I am definitely with Taylor. $200 is A LOT for some of us regular folk… I am hoping that FP will be having an online Black Friday sale and that it will be better!

  2. I always save up in order to buy Free People clothing. Yes it’s beautiful but it’s expensive too so for many of us it is a splurge. I don’t see why one must pay $400 in order to receive such a minuscule discount.

  3. I agree with the ladies above me. My advice is keep your eyelids pilled ladies for an amazing Black Friday Sale at a store near you next week or if you are like me see what kind of deals Free People have on Cyber Monday.

  4. When I saw that FP was having a SALE, I didn’t expect to see, spend a fortune for a tiny discount. I was assuming things would actually be ON SALE. I spend A LOT of $$ at FP as it is. But this is insulting. Maybe if you’re rich you will spend over $400.00. But the rest of us will have to wait for better deals. NOT MUCH OF A SALE! Thanks for nothing.

  5. They aren’t obligated to do this. They do it to be kind and because they care for their customers. Everyone is so whiny. Good god. This coming from a girl that doesn’t necessarily have all the money in the world, you guys can at least learn to appreciate a nice gesture.

  6. We cant appreciate a nice gesture if we can’t even have the opportunity to use it since we don’t have at least 200 to 500 to just thrown down on clothes. I do wish they would have an actual discount once in a while, Its too bad.

  7. what a great deal…,thanks Free People for sharing!! love my purchases cant wait to shop again soon always get complimented on my FREE PEEP STYLE,thanks

  8. To echo what other reviewers have been saying, I don’t think your 4-hour sale ‘20% off $200 or more’ really benefited many of your fans and Free People girls. I really love and admire the spirit and style of the Free People brand. Free People products are usually beautiful and unique but also EXPENSIVE. The 4-hour sale may have helped out moms looking to stock up on Christmas gifts for their daughters, but didn’t make the discount realistically accessible to your large demographic of fans who are students, artists, and 20-somethings with their first real jobs. It seems you design your products with those fans in mind, why not incorporate sales and discounts that we can actually use? I can sometimes find awesome sale steals in free people stores, but it is very rare that I can treat myself to a full priced product let alone drop $200 on one purchase at Free People. Please reconsider holding sales that more of your fans can be excited about and actually utilize, such as offering free shipping more often or an extra 10-15% on top of sale items. I do hope that one day I can afford to spend more money on your beautiful products, but at this point in my life, I have to be budget conscious.

  9. I’d like to add my voice in support of the above commenters. You can’t be a true bohemian if you’ve never been broke – it’s simply poseur. And at our age? With this economy? Free People as a brand seems out of touch at best, and contrived at worst.

  10. agreed. love the product, hate the price. I’d have to be a rich girl or be very unwise with my money to purchase any FP item that wasn’t on sale. I’ve only ever purchased FP clothes at 75% off at my nearest department store. Calling this offer a “sale” is a little insulting.

  11. I hope Free People takes all of the feedback from these commenters into consideration for future deals/sales. I’d love to have more FP product in my closet. I usually wait for dept store sales on FP or shop Nordstrom Rack.

  12. This detachment from the bohemian idea that Free People supposedly represents is not a surprise. After all, the owner of Free People (who also owns Urban Outfitters) is a vocal conservative, who is invested in maintaining high prices for Free People products, not to mention his other atrocious political views that are far more troubling than overpriced products. Always keep in mind who is benefiting from your purchases. Let’s not only make a call for lower prices but also accountability for those behind the brand.

    Check out this article if you’re interested in learning more about Free People’s owner:

  13. I really hope the SALE would hold longer instead of 4 hours if FREE PEOPLE really hope their die hard fans to enjoy this special offer! And will FP consider to have another longer duration SALE at THANKSGIVING DAY?! And the discount be much more?! 30% OFF?! 40% OFF?! 50% OFF?!

  14. yeahhh i agree that free people should’ve considered a discount a little more affordable. especially since fp, no offense, has been kind of going downhill! (nothing really looks that cute from there these days) and i feel like i’m not really getting what i pay for…and still wouldn’t be if i paid 20% less. the economy’s sucking right now too….no one’s going to buy $500 worth of fp except for ashley tisdale. lol.

  15. What a joke. Exactly why I don’t shop at FP, just read the blog. They are the antithesis of what it actually is to be bohemian, free-spirited and earthy. I am all those things so I AVOID shopping here, sure the styles are nice, but I make my own clothes – put your own spirit into what you wear. Or buy from quality places that aren’t expensive. FP needs to lower prices or just go out of business, they are a fraud.

  16. Yes, yes. Free People is a little more expensive. What else is new? If you don’t like it, don’t shop it. Personally, I believe the quality is incredible- not to mention the originality! Some of their pieces are like art.

    However. I am furious that this wasn’t made public on a larger scale. I am on the email list, I am a frequently on the website, and I didn’t find out about this until now. AFTER I googled it.

    Oh, and a four hour sale on a Friday night isn’t genius. Conclusion: Free People clothes = good. Customer service = pathetic.

  17. I cannot believe i didnt get an email notification about this either, I googled it and now its over. I have always been beyond a loyal customer but Im having major second thoughts.

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