5 Spaces To Decorate With Our Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

I love mason jars. I love things that are hand-painted. When I found out about our hand-painted Mason Jar Lanterns, I was totally crushin’. I love the intricate simplicity of them, and how – because they’re hand-decorated – no two are exactly alike.

Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

They come in an array of different colors and patterns and are perfect to use in so many ways. The opportunities are seriously endless. Today I want to show you guys all the different spaces I’d decorate with these little beauties – and just how I’d do it. How would you decorate with our Mason Jar Lanterns?

1. In my bathroom

Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

In my bathroom I have my cotton balls and cotton swabs displayed in little glass jars that are wrapped in birch wood (the jar on the right is actually from my bathroom). I would love to add one of our hand-painted jars into the mix and fill it with cotton balls as you see above. I love how fresh and clean the cotton balls look in the clear jar against the pearly white designs. It’s the perfect feeling for a bathroom.

2. In my kitchen

Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

I love the idea of using the jars to display cooking utensils, tea bags, and other kitchen necessities. It just gives that extra ounce of “pretty” that (in my opinion) every kitchen needs.

3. In my craft room

Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

Alright, so maybe my “craft room” is more of a container under my bed that’s filled to the brim with craft supplies, but when I have a home of my own, I am positive that I’ll have an entire room – hopefully an entire little barn – dedicated to crafting. And the first thing on my list of necessary supplies will be a bunch of these gorgeous mason jars to keep things organized yet pretty all at once.

4. In my living room

Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

Okay, so I might not have a living room either at this point, but this idea will also work for my bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Dried flowers! Or fresh flowers! Just flowers in general. I would fill a bunch of our decorated mason jars with flowers, add some vintage glass containers into the mix, and place them atop a little table. It’s amazing how a bunch of flowers can create an incredible feeling of coziness in a room.

5. In my backyard

Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

Let’s not forget about the intended purpose for these little beauties – lanterns! I would love to get, like, ten of these babies, fill them with candles, and hang them on tree branches outside. This would be absolutely perfect for outdoor parties or for just enjoying these last few days of true fall weather on a Sunday afternoon before winter makes its appearance.

Be sure to check out our gorgeously hand-painted Mason Jar Lanterns! How would you decorate with them?

Photos by Brigette.

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8 years ago

Love it all! Especially the “craft room” I hope to have one of my own some day too! <3

8 years ago

These are so pretty! i love the colors and the design – I want a few, too!

8 years ago

These are so pretty! I have an obsession with glass jars, I collect them so they are all over the house. I currently have a craft nook (corner of my living room) but I soon hope to acquire a craft room. We have to find a bigger house because I am expecting and I told the hubby we need to make sure to find a three bedroom, so my crafts can have a room of their own as well. lol

8 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!! I have soo many mason jars I need to start using them! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

8 years ago

Are these lanterns sourced from a seller on Etsy.com? I’ve seen them there; and I was super excited to see you guys are supporting a “handmade” artisan. Cheers!!

8 years ago

Your lanterns turned out amazing, we recently made our own too!

8 years ago

Oh, wow, those are simply incredible and so inspiring. I could put them everywhere in my appartment and in my pictures!!! Just love their style and color palette!


8 years ago

Theyre beautiful! What are they actually painted eith?

8 years ago

I love these gorgeous handpainted mason jars! I just spent the past 1/2 hour or more trying to duplicate the pattern. It’s hard! I especially love the pearly white design w cottonballs and the birchwood jar is precious. What kind of paint did you use? Could you use “Sharpie” metallic pens, i.e. gold, silver? Hmmm, why don’t I just go & try?

Thank you for the inspiration, I just discovered your wonderful blog ~ keep up the gr8 work!
Kim in Canada

8 years ago


8 years ago

@Kim This comment is long overdue, but maybe someone will stumble across it and find it useful! I created a whole set of glass mugs for my apartment that look just like this. I just used the puffy fabric paint and hand-drew the designs. They are a little over a year old now and are still holding up! I just wash them gently by hand.

7 years ago

Where can you buy smooth mason jars???

6 years ago

Love these… such great ideas for crafting. Thank you.

Katelyn Spaulding
4 years ago

It’s 2016 now and I just stumbled upon this……are these no longer available now? I would really love some for my home but can’t seem to find them available anywhere. They are no longer on Free People