60-Second Stylist: 2 Ways To Wear A Holiday Dress

It’s Holiday Party dress season, when buying that perfect dress is on everybody’s mind. That extra special little number that will make you shine. But, who wants to spend a lot of money on one dress you just might wear only once? This week our stylist shows you how to get two different looks from our Reflected Moonlight Dress; a casual look and a party look. Enjoy!

Party Look: Reflected Moonlight Dress, Keep It Fuzzy CardiganSanta Maria Cross Pendant, Sea Enamel Square Ring, Queen of Hearts Cuff

Casual Look: Reflected Moonlight Dress, Golden Quills Parka , Speckled Spun Tall Sock, Crescent Boot

A huge thanks to Juliet Piper for submitting her song “Warpaint” to be used in this video! For more of Juliet’s music and a little peek into her life, visit her Facebook page. If you’re a musician and have fun, upbeat, indie jams of your own that you’d like us to feature in one of our videos, send ‘em on over to blog@freepeople.com, subject: Harmony. We love promoting new artists! :)

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8 years ago

I have the victorian loves lace dress from a few years ago. I style it with tights, super warm, thick ankle socks and waterproof leather winter weather boots. I also add a patterned scarf for some color and a big cross necklace. I find that adding a wide leather belt makes it more casual and of course, beanies dress even the fanciest outfits down. I love wearing fancy dresses every day!

8 years ago

This girl is adorable & I love her style; it’s easily copycatted. Would love more videos with style tips from her!

8 years ago

What is the sweater/jacket she is wearing in the first look? Love it!

8 years ago
Reply to  Molly

Molly – It’s the Keep It Fuzzy Cardigan! :)

8 years ago

omg…that fuzzy cardigan!!!

8 years ago

ahh, that girl is so cute and I love the first look!! So boho but still classy :)



8 years ago

THAT JACKET. I need it like yesterday.

8 years ago

I know she usually just does styling videos, but could she show us how she does her hair? It looks just ruffled and messy enough, but not like dirty or slept on, or overly styled

8 years ago

I like to wear fur jackets. they are soft and awesome.

Carolina K.
8 years ago

Did she wear the parka in her usual size or did she size down? Measurements for the parka seems big and I’m unsure as to what size to order. I love the fit on her!

8 years ago

Hi Carolina! The measurements of the parka are the exact measurements I’m wearing!! It seems big but the fact that it cinches at the waist gives it a good silhouette. Im in love with it!

Hi Lydia! My hair!? Oh geez thank you! I like to let my hair air dry, I always do which gives it the natural waves. I also add a little salt spray which breaks up the curls and gives a bit more waves! And then I add Aveda Pure Abundance powder on my roots at the peak of my head. It gives it a bit more of a lift but also soaks up any oil. Kind of like dry shampoo but you can style with it!! hope this help! thanks!


8 years ago

Hi, what size is the dress Mandi is wearing and how tall is she? I ordered the parka and want to order the dress too, but I’m afraid it will be too short. I’m 5’7 125 pounds. Thanks! :-)

8 years ago

Maddy! Those are almost my exact measurements, I am 5’8 and 115 and I am wearing a small. I would get a small if I were you :)

8 years ago

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8 years ago

I just bought this dress, I am so excited!!!

8 years ago

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4 years ago

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