7 Enchanted Beds Fit For A Fairytale

Do you ever wish you lived in a fairytale? Not only would you experience true magic in everyday life, you’d be living in the most whimsical-looking world filled with soft, dreamy colors and coziness galore. Our fairytale-themed November catalog has me dreaming to live in a magical place and it’s inspired me to infuse some magic into my home décor. Below are 6 more enchanted beds fit for a fairytale. I wouldn’t mind falling into a deep slumber in one of these, only to be awoken by the prince of my dreams…

Lead image source; click on all other images for sources.

Magical Fairytale Bed

Magical Fairytale Bed

Magical Fairytale Bed

Magical Fairytale Bed

Magical Fairytale Bed

Magical Fairytale Bed

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i want to sleep in the first one so bad :D

love them…they are so dreamy! my faves are 1, 4, 6, & 7…well – I guess all of them but those are really my favorite! Happy Sunday!

have you guys at free people ever considered doing bedding? i can only imagine how amazing it would be!


ahhh so great, inspiring, and peaceful!


I agree with Caitlyn Harley. It would be amazing if you guys did, maybe that should be FP’s next project.


I would live to live in any of these fairytales :D


Woah, they are really uplifting and magical!! I agree with Caitlyn Harley and Mackenzie, you guys should definitely consider doing bedding!!!

Angie Rask

The fourth bed is amazing. It would be amazing for an Intimately FP photoshoot!

i think a bed totally make a bedroom. these are awesome. love the moss bed. my daughter just recently turned three and we gave her a big girl bed as her big present. she loves it and calls it her “princess castle bed”


Gosh, this is beyond dreamy and beautiful.


The first picture of the hanging bed, after the Mason Jars pic, the Blue with Purple, white, beige, bedding, where can I purchase this Bedding? I have been looking all over. If anyone knows, please let me know. I thought maybe FP, did bedding, and it was something I didn’t know about, and I though I knew it all, but from the comments made, it seems that this is not FP bedding, although, I think like the others said, FP should do bedding. I would love to know where this came from! If anyone knows, please feel free to e-mail… Read more »


looks like I posted my comment twice.. oops.. but I found out where to get the blue bedding! I clicked on the source and found out where, i am so buying this bedding! Mystery solved!


Claudia, I just checked your link to see your Daughters bed, it is so wonderful! I also love her room! You were very smart to do it the way you did, my Daughter is 19 now, but I went through all of those phases of bedroom attire, baby, toddler, tween, teenager, and grown up, rather than doing what you did. You made it so she can go through all of those phases with one great idea, instead of 10. Now your little girl can grow with her room. She will go through all of the changes, but her room won’t… Read more »


I apologize for so many comments, if I could delete the others and start over, I would. I just wanted to say thanks to FP, for not posting both of my same comments, whew! Also, I thought I found out where the blue boho bedding hanging from the bed between the trees was from, but it took me to a site that I thought was a store. It ended up being about the Photographers, which was still okay, because I had a chance to write to the one who originally took the picture and asked where I could purchase the… Read more »