Meet The Artists Behind Our Limited Edition Vintage Jackets

Photo Credit: Nathan Kula

This week we launched a collection of Limited Edition Vintage Jackets for the Holiday season. We collaborated with a group of artists to create a line of special items with a uniqueness. We worked with artists locally from right here in Philly, New York, and of course from our home office. The artists were allowed pure freedom in creating artwork that came  straight from their personality, each jacket is completely different.

Kim Krans from The Wild Unknown, Fanny Bostrom, Lizzy Janssen, John David Mahaffey, Carrie Yotter, and Melanie Bendavid let their inspiration take them away on leather and suede vintage jackets. We love the impact these jackets have and the fact that you can just hang them up in your home as a piece of art work to be admired.

Here’s what each artist said about their piece of customized vision:

“Painting the jackets for FP was a great project, I’ve been painting leather wallets for a while now and being able to take an idea and translate it to a larger scale was pretty cool. I always love seeing old motorcycle clubs with the patches and painted club logos on the back and this was my chance to do my take on that…. “

~ John David Mahaffey, Leather Designer

“I love the folk art look of the hand painted jackets, they look so 70’s and unique.”

 ~ Lizzy Janssen, Free People’s Graphic Designer

” This was a great project to work on, to take the toughness of a leather jacket and pair it with whimsical imagery!! “

 ~Fanny Bostrom, Illustrator

Vintage Loves One-of-a-Kind Jackets from FreePeople on Vimeo.

Song by The Coolest Adam Cooper

“I love red, white, and blue. I love vintage. I love road trips. I love classic rock.
I think that pretty much sums it up.”

 ~Carrie Yotter, Free People’s Videographer

“Shimmering diamonds, roses, and fringe… I love that Free People is into making signature pieces like these jackets.
They’ll be the most timeless piece in your closet!”

 ~Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown

“I usually paint botanical type flowers, but after I saw this amazing vintage jacket, I was inspired to do a mixed media of: French Botanical, meets 1950’s Motorcycle, meets Punk.  I used to live near St. Mark’s Place in NYC and was always amazed of the street style there. This jacket made possible with a very special thank you to Michael Randels for inspiration and execution.”

~ Melanie Bendavid, Vintage Collector

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Photo Credit: Nathan Kula


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