What’s On My Bedside Table

When it hits 10 o’clock my body starts to shut down and my bed starts calling my name. My bedroom is one of those places that’s important to me. It needs to be relaxing, a place for serenity and rest. It needs to be a place where you can let the world outside drift away and what helps with this is a great beside table with things on it that you cherish.

Next to my bed I have a collection of things that I love very much, things that make me smile, things that bring memories and books that I like to indulge in. Here I show you what’s on my bedside table.

My eyes always get drawn to things that look enchanted and spellbound, one Saturday when I was walking to the nearby coffee shop there was a small yard sale, and I stumbled across this glass dome for $1! every time I look at it it brings a smile to my face.

The little pink heart is something I hope to cherish forever, it holds a lot of memories for me. I wore it on a pendant around my neck when I first moved to America, it then fell off and I made it into a bracelet for my new love to wear.

Coming from Wales I’ve always been fascinated with folklore and other rare fauna, I’m quite a small person and happened to run into this book in Glastonbury Village in England when I was last home that summed up everything.

Having crystals around soaks up negative energy, I love having them in the bedroom to make sure my mind is peaceful and relaxed. The one on the left was bought at the Brimfield Flea Market and the right one is a geode that was given to me by a friend.

That’s all the gems I have on my bedside table, we’d love to know what holds a special place next to your bed?



  1. I sometimes have to take things to help me sleep at night, so i’ve put my pills in beautiful vintage tin cans and labeled the bottom of them, instead of having an ugly Tylenol PM bottle sitting out.

  2. little singing bowl on an oriental pillow. little oil lamp that i picked up in morocco. incense cones. dried lavenders in a mason jar. a painting that my host mother painted in Spain. a painting of the Alhambra that i picked up in Granda, Spain. just little trinkets from my travels. :)

  3. lavender reed diffuser, vintage cast iron hand that displays my most cherished rings and bracelets, and my pride and joy, a 3 1/2 foot tall mid-century modern lamp made of turquoise stone that I picked up from a local antique/flea market,

  4. voluspa glass candle. succulent. mercury glass lamp. wickman candle wick dipper. vintage matchbook. iphone. iphone alarm clock dock. :)

  5. small cookie scented candle, some cute glass bottles filled with colored powder from India, some stray jewelry in a clay dish, a map of the city of Paris, friendship bracelets, my favorite book, an alarm clock and my ”sac magique” filled with rice for sore shoulders :P

  6. I have many books about 2 stacks of them. I also have a wood box full of dried roses. Also many angel trinkets, statues, pictures, and clock

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