DIY: How To Embellish Your Socks

UPDATE: This previously ran November the 6th but as holiday is approaching we thought we’d bring it back this weekend for some inspiration.

The festive season is approaching, that time of year when you feel like wearing little sparkly details. Our November catalog has now launched, and inside there’s a whole lot of magic. I wanted to bring the magic more to life by embellishing a plain pair of socks,  adding a little bit of festive fun to an everyday outfit.

You can wear these little gems with almost anything or you can just wear them around the house for fun. We love them layered with tights or even peeping out from under a pair of jeans with boots.

Here’s how to make embellished socks for the approaching festive season.

What you need:

  • A pair of socks, any color of your choice, we used the Ruffle Ankle Sock
  • Some beads and gems
  • A needle and thread
  • Scissors

Step One: With the beads, make a pattern that you’re happy with on the sock before you start sewing, just so you have an idea about placement and make sure it’s on the right side of the right sock and on the left side of the left sock. You can always take a photo of the pattern so you remember where you’re sewing.

Step Two: sew the beads onto the sock using the same color thread as the fabric

Step Three: Do the same pattern on the opposite sock making sure that the pattern is on the right side of the right sock and then the left side of the left sock.

Step Four: Style away and make a cute little outfit! We teamed them with our Essex Vegan Boot and black tights.

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7 years ago

great idea!!!

DIY and more:

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7 years ago

What do you want?

7 years ago

cute idea :) i will try that!

7 years ago

Wowww!! Great idea, I love it.