DIY Hammered Leaf Prints

UPDATE: This post originally ran on November 1st 2012 but we wanted to share it again while we still have some time left to take advantage of those beautiful fall leaves!

One of the best things about fall is without a doubt the gorgeous explosion of colors when the leaves turn.  The mixture of vibrant red, orange, yellow, and green is breathtaking and I hate that it’s always so fleeting. That’s why I love today’s project, it’s incredibly easy and a fun way to preserve the gorgeous colors of fall a bit longer!

diy leaf prints

What you need: A piece of paper (the more textured the paper is, the better), paper towels or napkins, a hammer, a flat surface to work on, and leaves!

diy leaf prints

Practice with different leaves first – some definitely leave a better impression than others.

diy leaf prints

Place the leaves on the paper and cover with a paper towel or napkin, and hammer away! You can place the leaf either face down or right side up – they both seemed to work the same, at least for me!

diy leaf prints

As you hammer you’ll see the outline of the leaf start to appear. The longer you hammer, the more complete your leaf print will be.

diy leaf prints

Mix different colors and leaf shapes to make a pretty collage!

diy leaf prints

I love the idea of doing smaller prints of individual leaves and framing them for my wall!

Photos by Julia.

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8 years ago

This is very cool, never seen this done before.

8 years ago

would love to do this! but unfortunately our leaves never really change in Hawaii. :(

8 years ago

wooooow we love it!!

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8 years ago

Wow I’ve never seen something like this before, I love the overall idea of it!! How great would that be if it would work on fabric as well – and so easy to make! Thank you for sharing :)

8 years ago

I can never get enough of this blog. I love it soo much.

8 years ago

look up ‘hapazome’ or india flint. flint came up with hapazome when she didn’t have any materials to naturally dye with in japan on so much fabric. she ended up dyeing the fabric by hammering flowers and leaves.

8 years ago

This is an amazing idea. There are so many different ways you can do leaf imprints, this one looks to be my favorite. The added bonus is everything you use is easily accessible in the home, its not messy and you can have your kids help you. I think canvas would be awesome to try this on and then frame it for a nice seasonal piece.