DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

Every year when I was growing up and my parents put out our holiday decorations, my favorite thing was a somewhat large snow globe with a miniature winter scene inside. It played music and I would turn it over and over in my tiny hands, watching the little flecks of “snow” fall to the bottom. These days, snow globes have become one of my favorite crafts this time of year. They are so easy to make and are the cutest decorations for your home or at your desk. Read on to learn how to make one yourself!

diy mason jar snow globe

What you need: A mason jar, krazy glue, glycerin (I found it in the baking section at A.C. Moore), distilled water, glitter, and figurines to put inside.

diy mason jar snow globe

Start by deciding which figurines you want to use and where you want to place them – once they are glued in you won’t be able to change them!

diy mason jar snow globe

Take the lid of the mason jar and remove it from the outer metal ring. Turn it upside down and use the krazy glue to attach the figurines.

diy mason jar snow globe

While the glue is drying (it only takes a few minutes if you use krazy glue), fill the mason jar almost to the top with water.  Then add a dash of the glycerin – this has a syrupy consistency that makes the glitter drift around in the water and take longer to sink to the bottom.

diy mason jar snow globe

Pour in the glitter – you can use as much as you want!

diy mason jar snow globe

Apply the krazy glue to the outer rim of the mason jar lid, and place it back on the jar. Screw the lid on tightly and let sit for a bit to be sure it’s completely dry.

diy mason jar snow globe

While the first one dried I decided to make a second one!

diy mason jar snow globe

diy mason jar snow globe

Once your jars are dry, turn them upside down, shake gently and let it snow!

diy mason jar snow globe

Side note – I think the blue color came from the miniature trees, but I love how it looks! To achieve this effect you could add a couple drops of blue food coloring :).

diy mason jar snow globe

mason jar snow globe

Photos by Julia.

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These are adorable!! Cant wait to make a few…

So simple but very pretty – plus another use for mason jars. Thank you for another addition to my holiday craft list!


I love this. Going to make a whole bunch and give some out as gifts.

aaaw! so cute! thank you for sharing this. it´s perfect!

This is a really good idea and DIY!

beautiful DIY!!

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diyearte by L & S

I adore this idea! I’m definitely going to be trying this as soon as I possibly can. <3


Hi there-Love this idea. Can anyone recommend places to get these kind of figurines at an affordable price?


Yes, I had the same question as Jade. Where can you find these kind of figures?


Hello, I just picked up the trees at a hobby lobby


I found figurines just like these in AC Moore where I got the rest of the supplies. They came in a pack of 10 for about $8 :)

pleas carry on oooo


I just made a snow globe the other day and it bugged me that the dye on the christmas tree was turning my water a different color…to prevent that I just left the tree in a cup of water for about a day and occasionally replaced the water, and as a result my snow globe water stayed clear and it turned out cuter than ever! Easy Fix(:


Looking forward to making these with my grandchildren. They love craft projects. Thanks for the idea.

I got animals at the dollar store, for $1/pack of 8.


This project sure takes me back to my childhood. My mother used to do a lot of winter bottling and she made preserves, so we often had tons of mason jars around the house. Sometimes we didn’t even use holiday oriented figurines. I used my brother’s military action figures, or pine cones and twigs. My brother once got the brilliant idea of affixing double sided lightning stickers to the insides of the mason jars. Now that was a nice effect! Once we added a few drops of blue food coloring and glitter to a mason jar snow globe, and glued… Read more »

I represent Ball’s canning site and I can say that it is always a pleasure to discover when people use mason jar’s to create unique crafts. Thanks for your share, and I also like the blue tint. :).


I was wondering if anyone has had any trouble with the glitter either clumping up or sticking to whatever figureines you have in the jar? Thats what happened to me :-(

My sisters elementary teacher loved her so much. She made her one of these, but instead it had a cute mouse in it and its colors were a lot brighter. :)

Still, I love this so much more.

Great piece of art. Making this seems easy after reading the steps. I will definitely try this. I think the one without liquid looks better as compared to the one having liquid.

Beautiful DIY! thank you!


I can’t wait to try this!!