DIY: Photo Bunting

Bunting is a fun way to decorate for a party; it’s easy, pretty, and you can hang it anywhere you like. The other day here at Free People it was my sister’s Bridal Shower and for the occasion I made some bunting to hang delicately on the wall. The theme I used was “a couple in love” and printed out photos of her and her fiance throughout the years they have been together.

The term bunting refers to a collection of flags made out of fabric, plastic, or card and placed onto a ribbon for hanging. What’s great about this festive decoration is that you can get super creative with ideas – there are┬áno limits! Just have fun and make it look pretty.

Here’s how I created the bunting for my sister’s bridal shower.

What you need:

A collection of photographs you want to use

An outline of a triangle


A ribbon


Step one: Position the triangle on the photographs onto an area that you want to be present in the triangle shape. Trace around the triangle on the photograph and do this with every one of them.

Step two: Cut out the triangles that you drew.

Step three: Start placing them onto the ribbon into an order you like best.

Step four: Secure the triangles down with some glue.

And there you have it, some fun bunting for a special occasion!

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9 years ago

I did this for my sisters bridal shower too but we cut triangles from colored construction paper and glued the pictures on there. That way you can salvage the photo after!

9 years ago

You guys always got the best ideas!
I already made a list of several DIY’s of yours :-)

9 years ago

Great idea! Fun for a child’s birthday ,every triangle representing one year leading up to their birthday. Kindergarten teachers can ask a photo of every child and decorate their classroom. So many possibilities. Thanks Free People always looking forward to your DIY projects.

9 years ago

Wow that is amazing idea ,I added it to my to do list! this is just so cute.

9 years ago

The only thing I’d have done different, I’d use transparent paper, or a piece of shower curtain liner for the triangle; then I have perfect control cropping the photos.

9 years ago
9 years ago

really god idea i might do this for new year

8 years ago

Love this idea! Think I will be using it for an upcoming surprise party. Thanks

8 years ago

This is such a great idea for birthday parties! Or any other party for that matter. I can’t wait to give this a try!