Free People Horoscopes, November 5-11

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Horoscopes by Tracy Allen.


scorpio star sign illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

The adrenalizing sun in your sign forms an uncomfortable angle with retrograde Jupiter in your transformation zone this week, while Mercury grinds to a halt in your self-worth house. You’re trying to grow and change, but your expectations of what you can gain from someone else (closeness, trust, and possibly sexual intimacy if it’s a personal relationship; funding if it’s a professional one) have deflated in the past month or so. And you may also be losing faith in what other people can gain from you. As cognitive Mercury begins to backpedal, reassess what you’ve got going for you and purify your desire to move forward in your life. Is that desire coming from a good place? Are you changing for the right reasons? Tap into your spirituality and vow to be true to your highest self throughout this time of growth.


sagittarius star sign illustration


November 22–December 21

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, has been in your partnership angle since June, encouraging you to put more faith in teamwork and relationships. But Jupiter has been retrograde for the past month, causing that faith to wane, and now Mercury is going retrograde in Sagittarius. Your sign is naturally outgoing, and with doer Mars also occupying Sag, you’re dying to forge ahead despite the resistance and the holdups. That will probably only add to your aggravation—the reason being that planetary retrogression reverts the energy back inward. As the sign of truth and ethics, reconnect with your own personal truth and ethics and let those be your guide. Resist the temptation towards headstrong behavior now, and remind yourself that what’s right for you isn’t necessarily what’s right for everyone.


capricorn star sign illustration


December 22–January 19

When thinker Mercury commences its retrograde period this week in your seclusion sector, it signals the need for you to pull back and give yourself the space to go over things in your head. As the master planner of the zodiac, you want to be implementing strategy, but future-minded Jupiter’s retrograde in your competence house is already hampering your forward progress. You need some time to think about your next move, and more importantly right now, to appreciate how far you’ve come. Remind yourself of all your accomplishments and give yourself permission to feel proud and satisfied. Your mini-retreat will refuel your ambition for Mercury’s direct turn later in the month.



aquarius star sign illustration



January 20–February 18

Jupiter is retrograde in your self-expression sector, and this week, Mercury turns retrograde in your network zone. The backward motion of these two planets in houses that govern opposing principles points out an inherent dichotomy in your sign: the individualist joiner. You’re generally oriented towards humanity and what’s next and best for everyone. But you’re also a fixed sign determined to do things in your own unique way. This contradiction gives Aquarians an inner tension that has earned you the reputation for being more than a little kooky! Since communication is off, take your cue from valuable Venus in your learning sector and try to figure things out for yourself instead of spelling them out for others. Start by looking at how your independence and originality mesh with and/or clash with your penchant for affiliating yourself with a group.


pisces star sign illustration



February 19–March 20

With cerebral Mercury in your goals angle in enthused Sagittarius, you’d think you’d be pumped to achieve your dreams. But Mercury goes retrograde this week, dampening your enthusiasm and causing you to question your ability to change your life. Mercury’s backward turn is not meant to dishearten you, but rather to refocus your ambition. The malleability and ambivalence in your plan is making you vulnerable to failure. But the intensity of your desire holds the potential to propel you forward. Neptune wraps up its retrograde period this week, resuming its direct transit of Pisces and lifting the veil of illusion that you’ve been laboring under. Your ego is attached to a fantasy of success that, due to its vagueness, is actually holding you back. Refine your intense desire and formulate a more exact agenda for progress.


aries star sign illustration


March 21–April 19

Your recent frustration over not being able to operate in your usual quick, direct manner is heightened by Mercury’s reversal this week. Don’t fight the natural rhythm of this time by forcing things. You may not be having the kind of impact on your environment that you’d like, but your interior life is more important right now than your exterior. Rather than attempting to influence outside factors, you need to become more aware of your beliefs about the future. Mercury’s position in your education-and-perspective zone calls for you to learn more about whatever’s not proceeding so smoothly and shift the way you’re seeing it. Connecting with a friend or significant other who gets what you’re going through may revive your excitement about what’s to come. Words aren’t so easy, but just knowing that you’re not alone in your frustration will help.


taurus star sign illustration


April 20–May 20

Brainy Mercury turns retrograde in your joint-resources zone this week, while excessive Jupiter’s been backtracking in your personal-resources house for the past month. You may have been overspending or overestimating your assets since summer, and if so, the reality of your money situation is catching up with you. A source of funding isn’t coming through as you’d hoped, or your current earnings aren’t what you’d thought they’d be by this time. The retrogressions give you a chance to think about what adjustments you need to make in order to improve your financial outlook. Work from the inside out, starting with your belief in what you’re worth and your attitude about thriving, as opposed to just getting by. Then come up with creative solutions to your shortfall.


gemini star sign illustration


May 21–June 20

With optimistic Jupiter already retrograde in your sign, your ruling planet, Mercury, begins its retrograde period this week in your partnership angle. For a while there, you felt sure that you could say yes to everything that came your way and juggle it all successfully. It seemed like you were going to be able to check big things off both your to-do list and your bucket list this year. But right now you’re feeling like other people aren’t holding up their end, and you’re pulling back from the teamwork that you were so amped up about. You’re not going to get exactly what you expect from others, and stewing over that fact isn’t a productive use of your time and energy. Bring your focus back to yourself—which projects are the most personal? Where does your heart lie? What is it that you love doing? It’s time to rediscover the joy in your full plate instead of trying to corral partners onto the same page.


cancer star sign illustration


June 21–July 22

That reassuring voice in your head telling you to keep the faith has been disconcertingly quiet the last few weeks, thanks to Jupiter’s retrograde motion in your subconscious sector. This week, mental Mercury also goes retrograde, in your duties zone. You’re likely to run out of steam at work and perhaps physically as well. Don’t push for results. Pare down your routine and go back over details that are tripping you up. Even if you prefer not to revise a plan, your gut is telling you to do so. Exercise will clear your head, while spending time with family or having people over will boost your mood, so make time for those health-and-happiness activities.



leo star sign illustration


July 23–August 22

Fire signs represent the spark of inspiration, and Leos are lit from within—born to share the essence of who you are with the world. That’s partly why you’re known as attention seekers. And with communicative Mercury in upbeat Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign, you’re eager for people to respond to you on a romantic, creative or social level. But Mercury turns retrograde this week, making it more difficult to click with others. Tap into that joyful inner essence to stimulate your own drive, and don’t worry about feedback for the moment. With affectionate Venus in your siblings zone and your ruler, the sun, in your domestic angle, you might be happiest when you’re nesting or reaching out to your brother or sister.



virgo star sign illustration


August 23–September 22

Your sign’s quest for control is hindered further this week when your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde and forms an uncooperative right angle to Virgo. I say “further,” because Jupiter is already retrograde and forming a right angle to Virgo from the opposite side. So you’re feeling boxed in and ineffective, maybe both at home and at work. You’d be wise not to formalize any real-estate or professional dealings by signing leases, contracts and the like, because new information may come to light later. Instead of trying to establish some semblance of control by completing existing tasks, pull back and do an inventory of your resources and your goals. We’re all feeling the uncertainty in the air, so no use trying to separate yourself from the pack and come out on top. Accept that this may be more a week for being than doing.


libra star sign illustration



September 23–October 22

Amiable Venus in your sign is upping your sociability, making you feel even flirtier and friendlier than usual. But Mercury’s retrograde turn in your communication house this week throws you off your game, creating crossed wires—and possibly an argument, since both Mercury and feisty Mars are in the opinionated sign of Sagittarius. Much as you covet peace and balance, you need to seek them inside yourself right now, not in relationships. Use your internal scale of what’s just and fair to weigh your beliefs and expectations. Are you looking for others to act as a stabilizing force in your life and they’re failing you? Are your hopes for the future so sky-high that you’re bound to be disappointed? Work on realigning your own thinking before you try to win over anyone else.

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  1. I have to say, I’ve been reading these for the past few months every week, and every week I am ready for something to be off– but these are always dead on. Thank you so much for giving me such fuel for self-reflection! It brings a sense of peace and grounding every week. Keep it up! :)

  2. I love these horoscopes! But I have to say, I’ve e-mailed tracy three times now and received no answer. It seems there is no way to receive a discount off of a horoscope that no one ever gets back to you about! Such a shame as I love her work.

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