Holiday Makeup Tutorial: Golden Eyes

Holiday makeup can sometimes be overwhelming, either it’s too heavy or you just don’t know what kind of makeup actually goes with your perfect dress. For this season we love a simple gold eye that has a soft bit of magic to it, whether it’s just a simple gold shimmery eyelid or something a little extra special with glitter. Here, one of the girls at our home office shows us how to archive a simple gold eye. We’re definitely taking notes. Are you?!


Holiday Gold Eye Makeup Product

1. Primer: Stay Don’t Stray by Benefit
2. Highlighter: Watts Up by Benefit
3. Stila eye shadow in Oasis
4. MAC matte eye shadow in Samoa Silk
5. Sephora liner in Electro
6. Makeup Forever aqua liner in gold

The glitter mascara is from Sephora

Step 1: Apply primer across the lid and then apply highlighter from the corner to the middle of the eye, so that the eye makeup stays put.

Step 2: Apply the Stila eye shadow to the lid, brushing from the inside outward.

Step 3: With the matte coral color, brush inside the socket to give the eye a little depth.

Step 4: Line under the eye with green eyeliner.

Step 5: With the gold liquid eyeliner, apply a thin, elegant line all the way across the top of the lid. You can make it appear less bronze by brushing over some of the gold shimmer eye shadow on top. This can also go for the olive color — the gold shimmer will make it more subtle.

Step 6: With the gold eyeliner, add decorative dots wherever you like. We scattered them delicately on the outside of the eye and the inside corner. Again, to make them more subtle you can brush over them with the gold shimmer eye shadow.

Step 7: If you want to go a little fancier, you can add some beautiful gold glitter mascara to the lashes, as well as a little loose, skin-friendly glitter to the cheeks!

A huge thanks to Comrade Question for submitting their music to be used in our video! If you’re a musician and have fun, upbeat, indie jams of your own that you’d like us to feature in one of our videos, send ‘em on over to, subject: Harmony. We love promoting new artists! :)

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  1. Wow, she looks a lot like the model Jacquelyn Jablonski.. had to stare at the screen for a sec just to make sure!

  2. thanks so much for this! i love the look and think I could really wear a toned down version of this for the holidays :) Keep up the makeup tutorials, they’re my favorite!

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