Inspiring Words: Travel Light

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Travel Light, Live Light, Spread The Light, Be The Light

It’s one of the busiest time of years for traveling; whether you’re going across states to visit family, taking a holiday vacation overseas, or a long road trip to celebrate the new year. That busy time of year is here again.

I have a bad habit of either packing too little or packing too much when I travel, I can never get it just right. However, over the years I have come to realize that packing light is definitely more productive and takes a huge weight off your shoulders. I get creative by thinking about multiple ways to wear an item, only packing the number one essentials and rolling everything small, so it fits comfortably into a decent size holdall that I can carry around with me.

So, this week’s inspiring words are, “Travel Light and Be Light”.  Safe travels this holiday!


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8 years ago

SO TRUE! i am going home for 5 days and checking luggage is one of the biggest nuisances to me. i’m trying to travel light and bring versatile stuff – we’ll see :)


8 years ago

here is one helpful tip i learned while my cross country roadtrip/move:

lay out a t-shirt, and strategically place some jewelry (or small trinkets etc..) in the middle of the shirt. then roll the shirt from the bottom up~ adjust as needed. that way your small valuables stay in place, and you can store your t-shirts a lot easier when they are rolled up and most times don’t wrinkle as much either!!

Happy and safe travels Free People girls! :)