5 Natural Cures For Sleeplessness

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It’s 4 o’clock in the morning. Your eyelids are the heaviest they’ve felt in weeks. All you want to do is drift off into a peaceful, dreamy sleep, yet somehow, you’re lying in bed, wide awake. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t find a way to shut off that brilliant, mile-a-minute mind of yours.

Sleeplessness is a frustrating thing. We’ve all probably experienced it at one point in our lives and, quite unfortunately, some of us are affected by it more often than we care to think about. Sleep is essential to our health and well-being. It’s so important that we get an ample amount of it, so that our bodies and minds can function at their fullest potential.

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night – or even if you’re not – here are some simple, natural steps you can take to drift off to sleep quickly and awaken feeling rested, happy, and ready to take on the day!

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1. Create the right environment

Girl in Tent

According to sleep experts, the best environment for sleep is one that is dark, quiet, comfortable, and cool. Start by creating a bed that’s perfect for you. Some people need one that’s soft and squishy, others need one that’s firm and tough. If you’ve slept on a firm mattress and woken up feeling achy, your ideal bed may be a little bit softer. I use multiple mattress pads and tons of pillows to make my bed feel like a cloud. If your body feels comfortable as soon as you hit the mattress, you’ll have a much easier time falling asleep. If you find that you’re being woken up by a snoring roommate or the sounds of sirens outside, invest in a pair of earplugs to block out the sounds. Unplug any electronics before going to bed to avoid distractions from little flashing lights that can hinder you from falling asleep.

2. Use aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is a powerful tool. It’s so amazing to experience different feelings and emotions brought about by different scents. Lately I’ve been putting a few drops of lavender oil onto a cotton ball, and placing it inside my pillowcase. The soothing scent eases me right to sleep and keeps me there all night long. Chamomile and ylang-ylang are other scents known to aid in relaxation. For more info on this, you may like to read our post on aromatherapy benefits.

3. Take a relaxing bath

Bath Flowers

Taking a bath a couple of hours before going to bed relaxes your muscles and can help to sedate you. Add a few drops of essential oil into your bath to help kick-start the relaxation and prep your mind for bedtime. The perfect amount of time between taking a bath and going to sleep will differ for everyone, so listen to your body and figure out how long it takes for you to feel sleepy. Just be careful not to take your bath too close to bedtime, as it could possibly act as a stimulant for the first hour or two, keeping you awake.

4. Drink warm milk and honey

Milk and Honey

Warm milk may help lull you to sleep, while honey helps your body to recover and rebuild, among other things, during rest. While scientists are still unsure as to whether or not milk scientifically affects sleep (studies of the enzyme tryptophan in milk on sleep vary), the warm milk and honey concoction has been used as a sleep aid for centuries.

5. Try relaxation techniques


Often, sleeplessness is the result of a mind that just doesn’t want to shut off after a long and busy “go-go-go” kind of day. A great way to ease your mind is by using relaxation techniques like visualization, deep breathing, and mindfulness. Once you can get your mind to calm down, you’ll be off to a full night of peaceful, dreamy, beautiful sleep.

Please share your tips for combating sleeplessness – we would love to hear them!

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11 years ago

Thanks for the tips. I am also suffering with these problems. Will use your tips.

11 years ago

I’ve used herbal sleeping tablets before…not prescribed, just ones you can get in the shop. They contain extracts of valerian, wild lettuce, passiflora and hops, and they help promote refreshing, natural sleep. Have helped me loads! I also find that getting a nice, relaxing massage with lavendar oil in bed is brilliant.

11 years ago

thanks for these tips says my sleepyness. love

11 years ago

Thanks for sharing!
I usually have no Trouble falling asleep, but I use lavender pillow spray anyway, because I love the smell.

11 years ago

Eat a banana before bedtime! They contain the amino acid, tryptophan, which is believed to convert into the brain chemical, serotonin…

Also, cut back on the caffeine by early afternoon!

11 years ago

great post!!!

DIY and more:

11 years ago

Definitely will try! Honey is helping me a little.. Guess I have to try all tips, thanks for sharing ;)

11 years ago

A nice hot mug of Chamomile Tea every evening has helped me fall asleep quite nicely :D

you'll thank me later
11 years ago

ASMR videos on youtube.
(autonomous sensory meridian response)
Caution: They’re extremely relaxing videos that will cause sleep (when you find your trigger).

Essentially random noises trigger a tingling sensation in your body, spreading from the brain the whole way to your feet.

Role-play videos (close interaction with other people/hand movements/brushing of the camera lens) are a common trigger
(see: Make-up Roleplay ASMR – yes boys, you too.)

Try them all – you’ll find one that works for you eventually.

Once you find yours, you’ll be addicted – I listen to them every night to go to sleep.

11 years ago

Another tip is to take Calcium tablets before bed and not in the morning – not sure why but I think it works. Also mum told me bend down and touch my toes as apparently the blood circulating down there activates some sleep mechanism in the crown of the head!!! So a few downward dog postures before bed seems to work too.

11 years ago

I’m surprised no one mentioned it yet but it helps to take melatonin tablets. It helps me feel sleepy and it will keep you in a deep sleep so you feel more rested when you wake up.

11 years ago

If I must I take two antihistimanes aka benydril. It works like a charm, just don’t make it a habit….

11 years ago

stunning photos. great post :)

11 years ago

What helps me sleep is my room being as peaceful as possible. I don’t have a computer or t.v. in my room. I feel like without those distractions it helps calm my mind. For me, just having a computer near by makes me think I still could still be working on it. So with it out of sight I can rest and not think about it. If I am still having trouble sleeping, listening to music on my ipod helps. Putting on some relaxing songs brings on the zzz’s.

9 years ago

I have suffered from bad sleeplessness for ages but then my yoga teacher taught me something last week that has helped me so so much. You simply lie down on your back and put your legs up vertically against a wall. It is also nice to have a cushion just underneath your lower back. Close your eyes and put your hands on your stomach and just lie there like that for 5 minutes. What happens is all the blood eventually comes down from your feet and legs into your upper body which makes you more relaxed and sleepy. I do this right before bed, it works wonders :)

7 years ago

I love y’alls post

5 years ago

I will try it. Hope it will work

5 years ago

Love all the Details! but I would like to say mattress and pillow are also the keys for your good night sleep. That I read at voonky , Voonky is giving details of sleep education.