November Catalog Video: A Fairytale Holiday

The November holiday catalog is here! With its fairytale theme and dreamy locations, it seems like the entire book has been sprinkled with snowflakes and fairy dust. Take a few moments and watch the magical video below – it may still be early but it will definitely put you in the holiday spirit!

Shop the November catalog.

FP November Catalog Video from FreePeople on Vimeo.



  1. It’s SO beautiful! Oh how I hope it shows up in my mailbox soon! Sometimes I get catalogs & sometimes I don’t. Anyone else have an issue with that?

  2. So dreamy, magical, inspiring, and extraordinary… I am soooo in the winter/Christmas spirit after watching that… I LOVE IT. FP, you amaze me time after time <3

  3. Such great editing, so magical!
    I love their makeup and hair, you guys should have put up a tutorial! Maybe (and by that i mean hopefully) next time :)

  4. I agree with the tutorial! I would buy whatever is on her lips in an instant. Can’t wait till I get my copy so I can put it all over my closet wall.

  5. Magical story with charming characters in a wonderful landscape! You are amazing! Greetings from Romania!:)

  6. This is one of my new top favorite catalogs from Free People! It ties with the LA vs. NY with Jessica Hart and Karlie Kloss! I especially love the The 12 Dancing Princesses was used and how it was photographed, bravo FP!

  7. I absolutely love the makeup looks you have featured in your holiday catalog! That dark, bold lip is so beautiful. What product is it? Nars matte lipstick in Volga?

  8. love the november catalog! does anyone know where i can buy the bedding? i’m in love with that one patchwork quilt but can’t find it anywhere!

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