10 Supplies Every Crafter Needs

There are tons of different kinds of crafters out there. Some of us like to create more functional works of art, while others make things that are purely for aesthetic purposes. Some like enduring huge craft projects that take days (or even weeks) to finish, while others are more interested in simple projects with instant results. Read More

Our Favorite Holiday Sweaters – Illustrated!

Looking back through old holiday photos, we all probably have something in common: the Ugly Christmas Sweater. These days it has become more of a joke but back when I was a kid we were serious when we wore those gaudy, brightly colored sweaters with giant reindeer or snowmen on them. This season, our designers were challenged to reinvent the holiday sweater, and come up with designs that would make them cool again – and boy did they succeed.  Read More

What We’re Wearing On Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I’m in the mood for wearing some sparkles to make the day a bit more special. I love the Orelia Mini Dress  and the mirror/bead embellishment it has, it’s a little different and the pattern is eye catching and cool. To make it more casual I’m going to be teaming it with a  cardigan like our Keep It Fuzzy Cardigan and our Myth Zip Back Leather Boots  for a more relaxed yet special look. Read More

Trend Inspiration: Velvet Crush

Product: Noir Velvet Tunic, Bali Tassel Pendant, Phantom Burnout Lace Maxi, Burnout velvet Maxi

There’s something enchanting about velvet, something mystical and endearing. Whenever I wear velvet I always feel luxurious, maybe because of its incredible fabric and they way it just falls perfectly over your body. Come this holiday there is no question about it – I will be in velvet one way or another. To me, it’s perfect for this season. Whether it’s burn-out velvet, full velvet, or velvet in accessories, I have my eye on it. Read More

Blogger Diary: A Beautiful Birthday Trip

My birthday was last week and to celebrate, a few of my favorite people and I took off for San Francisco, one of my favorite places on Earth.  It was one of those magical trips where every moment is a highlight…we walked the city hills, picked up some books at City Lights, dug through used albums at Amoeba on Haight and caught Tame Impala at The Fillmore before making our way across the Golden Gate for the second part of our journey.  We stopped at Muir Woods, where the redwood trees completely took my breath away with their majestic beauty and sheer size, and then it was up to Calistoga, a small town on the northern end of Napa county.  We spent a day exploring vineyards and tasting wine at some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been before sadly packing up and making our way back to Philadelphia.  I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing trip…check out my photo diary below! Read More

A Loving Tribute To The Beanie

A beanie is an essential for winter, it keeps your head toasty and it looks super cute, too! It goes with anything and is perfect for long walks outside. We’re grateful that there is such a wide range of styles out there, in color, texture, and structure. We love wearing them with sweaters, with leather jackets, with coats, with tees, with dresses…absolutely anything. Read More

Inspiring Words: Travel Light

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Travel Light, Live Light, Spread The Light, Be The Light

It’s one of the busiest time of years for traveling; whether you’re going across states to visit family, taking a holiday vacation overseas, or a long road trip to celebrate the new year. That busy time of year is here again. Read More