Poll: Bazaar Treasures

It’s coming to that time of year when gift giving is on your mind, and every little bit of inspiration helps. Our holiday boutiques are like little treasure troves of ideas for trinkets that might make someone smile. Our new Bazaar Treasure¬†accessory shop has a handful of rich textures and gems that seem like they have been handpicked from around the world.

My favorite from this selection are the Moroccan Beaded Slippers, but which is yours?

One: Amarillo Tote

Two: Obi Belt

Three: Moroccan Beaded Slipper

Four: Monroe Embellished Wallet

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10 years ago

I love the flats and the wallet. Very cute!

10 years ago

So many of these things remind me of the stuff I see at belly dance expos. That obi, for example, is comprised of some things a ton of dancers incorporate into their costumes (coins, mandalas), and I have a pair of Indian khussa that I bought last year at Ocean City’s Art of the Belly (which are like those moroccan slippers, but MUCH more elaborate in beadwork). In other words: I think it’s awesome that you are incorporating all this asian-inspired stuff into modern fashion, because it further incorporates my dance into my life.

10 years ago

I’m gonna live in Turkey next year, can’t wait to find things like those around the markets!! :D