Poll: Limited Edition Dresses

Just in time for the holiday season, our special limited edition dresses have come to life. Beautiful creations that have been uniquely handcrafted by our senior designers. Each style has its own personality, it’s own light, and it’s own journey. If you wear one, I’m sure you’ll feel like the brightest star in the sky for the night. We love the attitude they have and the freedom to style them whichever way you like; whether it be with tough boots, high heels, or an edgy accessory of your choice.

They are one of a kind for sure, but which one is your favorite?

Dress One: Debbie’s Limited Edition Dress

Dress Two: Gianna’s Limited Edition Dress

Dress Three: Kristal’s Limited Edition Dress

Dress Four: Merrie’s Limited Edition Dress


  1. SOOO excited to see out LOVERS+FRIENDS one & only maxi skirt in your November collection. Sick.

    Quick question: I don’t see the DRESS ONE: Debbie’s limited edition dress anywhere on the site…I need this dress!!!!! Where can I find it? :)

  2. This may be extremely random but I would love the fourth dress in green. I just imagine mint or olive fading into forest green.

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