Tattoo Inspiration From Our Office

UPDATE: This post originally ran on October 18th 2012 but we are still so inspired by these tattoos we wanted to share it again!

Tattoos have been on my mind lately…I am starting to think about my next one and gathering inspiration from various sources. But one place I am definitely looking for inspiration is right here in our office! There are so many amazing tattoos that constantly catch my eye around the office, and I’m sure I’m just scratching the surface…(no pun intended). I thought it was really cool how the triangle on the left above caught the light in this photo, while the dark, filled in triangle was more shadowed.

flower tattoo

I love the placement of these beautiful ink flowers!

butterfly tattoo

And on the inside, two butterflies.

quote tattoo

“Destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice it is not a thing to be waited for it is a thing to be achieved”

The tattoo I will most likely get is a quote, and I love this script as well as its placement on the inside of the arm below the elbow.

moon tattoo

Small tattoos on the wrist are a favorite of mine (I have two!).

star tattoo

This small star behind the ear is so subtle and beautiful.

fairy tattoo

The back of the shoulder is another spot I’m thinking about.

dreamcatcher tattoo

I’m not sure what I love more, the dream catcher or the delicate “love” on the wrist!

bow tattoo

This tiny bow is so sweet! and, if her fingers look discolored its because I caught her on her way back from dying fabric. :)

tribal tattoo

Photos by Julia.

I love the tribal nature of these tattoos and their unexpected placement.

If any of you have tattoos or ideas for cool tattoos I’d love to hear about them! 

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11 years ago

This may make me sound really old, but I’ve had three tattoos now for almost 25 years. I still LOVE them. But the one piece of advice I give is that it really is best to get them where you can hide them when you want to. That happens almost *never*, but there are a few times that I wish the big one on my shoulder didn’t look so… well… “big”. My fav spot is the back of the shoulder. Easy to show off, classy, yet still hidable for that occasional thing like weddings, job interviews, etc. :)

11 years ago

I have an om on the back of my neck :) I love it so much! I would definitely agree with the above comment though.

11 years ago

I have my 18 year old tattoo :) a heart peace sign on my hip that only shows in a bathing suit and I love that! I forget I have it a lot of the time! But for my 25th bday I’m getting my second! I also love the delicate small wrist tattoos and I want my Capricorn symbol :) but the one I’ve had saved for years is for my sister mixing her two tattoos. My friend drew it for me: a rose with a daisy chain going around it in an “s” shape as her name was Sara. The daisies will look kind of like henna in that style cuz she loved henna and did it all the time. She had a daisy chain and a rose tattoo :) but that I have planned for what would have been her 40th bday so not for two years! Time for me to decide where I want it! :) show us yours when you get it!

11 years ago

I have three…one on the back of the neck…easy to hide with my curly hair. The other on the right shoulder…the last one on the lower back. I agree with Wendy – really think about location so if the need arises where you need to cover it up…you can do so. I have been itching for another one too, my last tattoo was 13 yrs ago…(hah) it’s been a while…

11 years ago
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a new tattoo too since my birthday is coming up! I think because a lot of tattoos manage to display the same theme (family, religion, inspiration, symbols) that the placement makes the tattoo much more interesting. Most of my tattoos are slightly hidden and its fun when they poke out. I had the intention of them being just for me, its a reminder of where I come from and who I want to be. Although my most recent tattoo are on my hands! Most people actually don’t notice them at all. It’s a daily reminder of love & light. When I place my hands together in a prayer position I think to myself (namaste i see the light in you) love out and when I open them towards myself it also shows a heart that reminds me to love myself. So.. love in, love out!

11 years ago

heyy! have a look at this tattoo(ofcourse if you like the little prince)! it’s my favorite and i wanna have it in the future :D

11 years ago

My newest says tread lightly on my foot.

11 years ago

I have two tattoos, one is on my wrist and it reads: 8mm f/2.0, because of my passion and career in photography, and my birthday 8/20. The other one is on my ribs, and it reads: Deeper than bones, a tribute to my favorite band, Third Eye Blind, and lyrics of one of their early songs that truly describe who I am and what I believe in.

Here are both of my tattoos –

11 years ago

I love the part on the dreamcatcher tattoo that has the phases of the moon. Beautiful! As for myself, I have the mayan glyph for artist-sage (itz’at) on the inside of my right arm just below the elbow. I got it as a celebration for receiving a BA in Fine Arts. I also have a ship’s wheel on the top of my left foot. It has 8 spokes, that mimic the Buddhist darmachakra. To me, it’s a symbol that I determine where I go, and the spokes remind me the good paths to take.

11 years ago

Here is a pic of my foot tattoo :)

Ash G.
11 years ago

I just got this one two weeks ago. I loved the moon catcher with the moon phases around it <3!/photo.php?fbid=801793941797&set=a.578022696167.2096044.44603859&type=1&theater

11 years ago
Reply to  Ash G.

Ash, it’s so pretty!!! Awesome photo, too :)

11 years ago

Love them all! I’m also planning my next 2…

so far i have a dove on my back

and ‘curiouser and curiouser’ from alice in wonderland on my side!

11 years ago

Thank you for inspiring me even more to get a tattoo!! I’ve have several planned for a while and yesterday I finally got one and I love it! Lyrics from one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs “Attics of my life” on my right forearm. It speaks to me in so many different ways.


Not sure if the photo works.

11 years ago

my fav tattoo i have is the gucci horsebit bracelet wrapped around my forearm. it blends with my constant stack of bangles and reminds me of my hometown of saratoga springs, ny. lovelovelove this post.

11 years ago

My favorite is the second photo down, so beautiful and feminine!

11 years ago
11 years ago

So creative. LOVE IT!

11 years ago

why do you keep re-running the same posts? – Saturday “to do” ? no? you used to run frequent posts on books? feeling like your blog has changed …

11 years ago

Amazing!! I love when you guys remind us of great posts!! All such cool creative tattoo idea

11 years ago

I literally JUST blogged about my recent tattoo and then saw this post!

You can check it out here

It’s a seagull, and reminds me to live my life as a free person :)

11 years ago

I have four tattoos: a native American symbol of a cactus flower on my foot, a Zuni-style henna-looking bear on my right shoulder, a colorful lotus flower on my left hip/lower back, and “live what you love” on my left ribs. Love them all!! And love that I can hide all of them if I am around clients or some family members who don’t approve.

11 years ago

I have had a little tattoo on the inside of my wrist that combines Ganesh and Om. I chose the color of Henna instead of black and I’m still loving it…though a saw slipped and cut close, I’m betting Ganesh was guarding his territory.

11 years ago

I have one on the inside of my ring finger it’s hidden and it’s always fun when people find it

11 years ago

i have a full sleeve on my left arm, and i couldn’t love it more! black work is my preference; we drew inspiration from a very dear-to-my-heart story about magic, friendship, and mortality.

stippling is my favorite shading technique, and one i definitely recommend– it looks gorgeous, feels great and heals up in a snap! have fun with your new tattoo!