Trend We Love: Headpieces

One of our favorite accessories this holiday season is the headpiece, delicate chains that drape over the hair and add an element of intrigue and romance to your look.  They’re the perfect finishing touch to holiday party looks but we also love wearing them to spice up everyday outfits!  Here are a few headpieces we love and how we wear them. Above, the Ramro Headpiece is a great basic option with a pretty stone at the center to add some interest to a simple look – I think it would look really cute with a vintage t-shirt and jeans!

free people headpieces

The gorgeous Multi Chain Halo is more of a statement piece with its delicate cascading chains and beads. Wear it with the chains hanging towards the front of your head or cascading down the back of your hair!

free people headpieces

free people headpieces

I would definitely do this! Deck out your beanie by adding a headpiece over the top! Such a fun way to accessorize your winter staple. Pictured is the Bella Moon Headpiece.


Would you wear a headpiece?


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7 years ago

LOVE them! I haven’t worn any yet, but yesterday and today I made 6 headpieces myself and they are awesome! So I’m definitely going to wear them soon :) <3

7 years ago

I love the one with the hat! Definitely, gotta try it! :)

7 years ago

So cool! I’d love to do a funky chic look by wearing to a fancy dinner with an interesting dress :)

3 years ago

So great. All of them are so awesome! Thanks for your sharing.