Video: 4 Ways To Wear A Scarf In Your Hair

This time of year, when you think of scarves you probably think of the type you wear around your neck to keep warm – but we also love tying them in our hair! It makes for a really pretty bohemian look that can be a fun alternative to hats. We asked some our of fp girls to demonstrate these 4 easy ways to wear head scarves and put together the video below as inspiration for you all. Which look is your favorite?

4 Easy Ways to Wear Your FP Scarves from FreePeople on Vimeo.

ways to wear head scarves

1. Make a standard turban by twisting the scarf ends around each other in the front, and tucking the scarf ends into the sides of the turban. Scarf pictured is the Rorscach Scarf.

2. Twist the scarf into your hair and wrap around the head to make a twisted turban!

3. Tie two scarves together to make one very long scarf and wrap multiple times around the hair to create a larger turban with mixed prints and textures. Scarves pictured: Acid Wash Embroidered Scarf and Silk Leopard Scarf.

4. Wear the scarf like a headband, tying in the back. Scarf pictured is the Acid Wash Embroidered Scarf.

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loooving the second one

Absolutely love these scarf wraps! Especially number two. Also recently found an awesome ‘how to’ tie a jersey scarf into a chic twist and knot skirt!


Awesome. Would love to see more of these DIYS vids!

The twisted turban look is awesome!! Must try.

I love the fourth one I’ll definitely have to try that! I agree with Nancy more diy videos!

I love this. so helpful!

I like the second one- so layered and cool!!


I love love love the second look!!! Unfortunately I have short hair but I’m still always looking for ways to wear my scarves on my head.

I love the scarf idea to keep in your back pocket. These ideas are great for any day and especially bad hair days!!! Which we all have!