Video: How To Use Hair Chalk!

UPDATE: This previously ran on October the 22nd but we thought we would bring it back for some fun this holiday season.

This week we have launched our very own hair chalk just in time for Halloween, and we just couldn’t wait to get our hands on it and try it out. It’s simple, easy and effective and you can be as innovative as you like – from multicolored tips to single strands and then maybe if you feel like it… twist your hair into a beautiful braid for even more impact. It’s something you can have fun with all year round!  So, watch our simple video below and learn how we do it.

Hair Chalk available here


  1. I am curious to know how it looks on brunettes, especially dark brown. Colors look lovely on blonde hair, but sadly I am not blonde. I also wonder if it rubs off on clothes or does not do this once dry.

  2. Great idea! I would love to try it, but I’m afraight my hair is too dark for it… :/
    I was just wondering… Is it possible to straighten your hair once the chalk is dried?

  3. @Hannah-Hair chalk tends to stay in longer with heat to straighten as well as to curl- it may cause hair to become dry but it can be done,@Nina and Kate- it can get on clothes during and after you apply so you may want to consider wearing something you don’t care about especially during wet application, and wearing something close to the color(s) you used after its dry. @Stella- Hair chalks are the same as soft pastel chalks that can be purchased at any art supply store .

  4. I’m a brunette and tried this over the summer. It took sososo much chalk just to get some color that it completely dried out my hair (when it’s normally strait and smooth.) It might work differently for others, but from my experience, I would NOT recommend doing this.

  5. i LOVE the hair chalk trend, but i’m worried about the color staining my shirt/jacket that i would be wearing when my hair rested or brushed by it. Does anyone know if hair chalk will stain shirts?
    i dont want to be walking around with beautiful color in my hair, but stains down by back!!

  6. As an artist, and knowing these are simply regular chalks, I must warn people that this stuff stains !!! Sure, it looks whimsical and pretty, but it is not practical. It’s like for a photo shoot. I wouldn’t walk around with this seeing as its just chalk. How drying and bad for your hair!!!

  7. Chalk pastels?!? Free people, are you nuts?!? Without hairspray or something to act as a fixative, this is stain city. I wouldn’t wear FP clothing with it. FP needs to warn people about this. Chalk pastels are made with pigments (nearly pure pigments like what paint is from) and pigments STAIN and RUB OFF when they are dry. Even if you apply this stuff wet, it will dry fast and crumble/stain. What a mess.

  8. love hair chalk…my youngest girls are brunett and blonde it def shows up better on blonde hair, just use the colors that work better on dark hair ,like the pinks ,yellows ,orange , green….my girls are the envy of their classmates, a tastful streak or fill in the last half of hair pretty cool

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