Video: Behind The Scenes Of Our Pet Project Photo Shoot

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the adorable dogs and one special kitten (well, he’s my baby) who were used as models for the launch of our Pet Project. All of these furry babies were rescued or adopted by their owners — most of whom work right here at our home office. Our building is always overflowing with the cutest of dogs, but this photo shoot was extra fun because they all got to hang out in our studio for the day! I was so impressed by the modeling skills I witnessed during this shoot. These guys are all naturals. Check out the video and some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot below. :)

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Free People Pet ProjectFree People Pet ProjectFree People Pet Project

Free People Pet ProjectFree People Pet ProjectFree People Pet ProjectFree People Pet ProjectFree People Pet Project

Photos by Julia.

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10 years ago

I love the idea of a pet collection but i didn’t see any cat collar, it is a shame, i think lot of people have cats (i have 3 of them) and it would be nice to have more items for our feline.

10 years ago

Delphine ,
We had a sweet little cat who was not a thing except love.
We took her in and kept her fed and warm and loved.
One year ago 4 days before Thanksgiving, here in California, I went grocery shopping and right next to the kitten-cat food, I saw the most beautiful red ribbon type fabric collar, with a bright silver bell attatched to the silver hoops & buckle.
I bought that for her ( along with turkey cat food ) I could just picture her wearing that bright red collar with the shiny silver bell against her grey fur.
How beautiful she would look for the holdays I thought.
And only a few dollars…
However, I never dreamed I would never see her again.
I went everywhere, posted missing posters in the rain, went to the local shelter many times, put her photos on Craigslist and….asked the owner of the house ( he inherited ) if he knew she was missing.
He said well, she was a stray… It was then when he put the house up for sale.
Well it sold about a year later 3 mos. ago. And the building instructers told us there was a dead cat under the house. Only 1 door to the basement and only 1 key to the special padlock on that door that only 1 person had. And there was no other way to get down there unless that padlock was opened, I remember it so well because the shelter said to look in any crawl spaces first-I asked the owner and he said No, No way is there any way under this house with out the key.
I suppose the moral of my unbelievabley sad, amoral story is, sometimes a sparkling but simple grocery store collar may be all that brings you pleasure, when the cat just loves you for loving it.
(No disrespect to the beautiful breathtakingly items this store sells

8 years ago

This puppies and kitten is very cute so it is always overflowing with the cutest of dogs. thank you very much for your sharing.