What’s The Best Gift You’ve Ever Given?

I love giving gifts; I love the surprise of a gift and the smile that fills the person you’re giving it to. That’s why Christmas and birthdays are some of my favorite occasions. Whether it’s something small or something more extravagant, it’s always a lovely gesture to give someone a gift. The gifts I love the most are the smallest ones and the most thoughtful. I have received so many gifts throughout my years that I cherish so much, but there’s one that holds on to my heart.

My grandfather gave me his St. Christopher necklace when I left home to come and live here in America. He wore it around his neck throughout the many years he worked in Saudi Arabia away from his family and home. It guided him and give him a warm heart during tough times and now it’s in my hands and I will cherish it forever.  Although I’m scared to wear it as I’m afraid I might lose it, it still hangs delicately above my bed.

What’s the best gift you’ve given someone?

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That necklace is beautiful. Will you guys be posting the winner of that contest anytime soon?


My best friend/cousin loves the game Fruit Ninja. And for her birthday I bought her a box of Fruit Ninja Gummies. I know it sounds kind of lame but she absolutely loved them.

a couple of my favorite artists are amanda palmer and neil gaiman, so to get their collab’ed”who killed amanda palmer” book was <3