3 Easy New Year’s Eve Party Favors

I’ve never actually had a New Year’s Eve party but I’ve always thought it would be fun to.  I love coming up with simple handmade party favors and there’s tons of fun things you can do for this holiday.  Here are 3 easy party favors you can make with very little supplies!

Confetti Cones

diy new year's eve party favors

This gold acrylic paint is my jam – it looks like liquid gold! It’s made by Reeves and I can’t get enough of it.

diy new year's eve party favors

diy new year's eve party favors

I painted a piece of card stock with the gold paint, and to make the confetti I did it the old fashioned way – I used a hole punch and a stack of multicolored post-it notes!

diy new year's eve party favors

Roll the gold paper into a cone, fill it with confetti, and voila! An adorable confetti cone. Make a bunch of them and place them on a table for your guests to pick up and toss at midnight!

Mustache Photo Props

diy new year's eve party favors

I also love the idea of making little props for photos – especially if you have a photo booth at your party! I used my mustache stamp from a while back and stamped a few on card stock and then just cut them out and glued them to coffee stirrers!

diy new year's eve party favors

Party Hats

diy new year's eve party favors

You can also use the gold-painted card stock to make party hats! I added some gold glitter to the bottom for some extra sparkle. Roll your hat into a cone shape and attach a string so it can be worn.

diy new year's eve party favors

Stick a confetti cone and mustache in a diy glitter champagne flute and you’ve got some seriously adorable New Year’s Eve party favors!

More DIY projects from the BLDG 25 Blog.

Photos by Julia.


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10 years ago

It looks very adorable! I love the glitters on. :) Happy Holidays!

10 years ago

I also love glittery stuffs! This is a great idea for parties. You can just customize or make some changes of the designs to fit your concept.

9 years ago

Can I use your confetti cone on my blog? I will link back to your blog and use the title of your blog in the post. Please let me know if I have permission. Thank you!