3 Perfect Gifts Under $100!

It’s December 5th, otherwise known as the day you should really start thinking about holiday shopping, if you haven’t already. Gift giving should be a fun experience that makes you feel good, but so often it turns into a stress-packed, feverish hunt from store to store. I like to plan in advance to make sure I have enough time to put careful thought (and fun gift wrapping!) into every gift I give. Bringing the grand total in under budget is always a bonus, too.  To make your holidays merry, bright, and easy, I picked my three favorite Free People gifts under $100. Shop for your best girls, your family, or even send this post to a loved one as a gentle nudge. Happy holidays!


1) Shaggy Knit Pullover, $98. Giving someone something cozy is a gesture of love. This sweater comes in 9 colors, but my favorites are peach and coral.

2) All That Glitters Rugged Cutoff, $98. Winter vacations and cozy layered looks will appreciated these embellished cutoff shorts. While we never get tired of making our own, there is something much more special about a pair with the Free People touch.

3) Reflected Moonlight Dress, $98. Nothing is better than the perfect holiday party dress, unless that dress can be worn multiple ways. Whichever lucky girl on your list gets this dress, make sure you send her to our blog post about the different ways to style it.


Find more holiday gift ideas here.

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10 years ago

Is the sweater in the picture shown in the peach or coral color?

10 years ago

Hi Tami! It’s the peach color. :)

10 years ago

My little brother bought me the Reflected Moonlight Dress in black for Christmas and I can’t wait to wear it for NYE :) It really is the perfect winter party dress.

10 years ago

I love the gifts, but it’s kind of silly that they’re “under $100,” yet they’re all still $98!

10 years ago

I think $98 for any of those items is MUCH too pricey unless you have a ton of money to spend…just go to a thrift store and get something very similar for $5-$10 bucks!