60-Second Stylist: How To Create A Look From The December Catalog

This week our Stylist Mandi shows you how to create one of our looks from the December catalog and the many styling techniques that go into making an outfit look desirable. We love how easy and relaxed this look is and how, by adding little finishing touches like a belt, a scarf and some bracelets, the look instantly becomes more captivating.

Watch the video below and learn some styling tips on how to take an easy look to the next level!

60-second stylist


Product: Dolphin Hem Denim, Color Me Smock Peasant Top, Kuchy Horizontal Belt , Woven Stitch Scarf

A huge thanks to Joe Swinney for submitting his song “The Sun and Moon” to be used in this video! If you’re a musician and have fun, upbeat, indie jams of your own that you’d like us to feature in one of our videos, send ‘em on over to blog@freepeople.com, subject: Harmony. We love promoting new artists! :)

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8 years ago

Mandi you are so cute! love…

8 years ago

LOVE this outfit! The jewelry is amazing and that girl is adorable!!

8 years ago


Liam Manning
8 years ago

So my wife absolutely loves these clothes on your site. I have been looking into womens clothing in Orange, ca and I’m not sure what to get yet. I’ve been thinking that it might be a fun idea to get some of it for her as a Valentines gift. Where do you get these clothes?

8 years ago

Love this chick’s style. Does she have a blog or instagram?

Emily Pansy
8 years ago

Love this! Would definitely add some tights and a great wool coat to winterize the outfit. Plus textured socks and boots!

8 years ago

I LOOOOOVE the Kuchi belt! I have a few Kuchi statement pieces from Afghanistan, like a bib necklace and a bracelet, and I have just ordered a belt. So beautiful!!!

8 years ago

Liam, you sound absolutely AWESOME!!! You can get all the clothes on:
Fast, easy shipping, great customer service, easy returns & amazing quality.
Jen, Australia

8 years ago

its simply WOW…!

8 years ago


8 years ago

This is a awesome guide as always good friend

6 years ago

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