How We Pour The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

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I cannot start my day without coffee. I look forward to waking up in the mornings and walking to the coffee shop to get my morning kick start and yes… I cannot function without it! I understand fully why it’s one on the most consumed beverages in the world.

When I first started drinking coffee, French press used to be good enough for me, but over the years I have enjoyed tasting many different kinds; from a Latte, Cappuccino, Vietnamese, and an Americano for those days when I need an extra, extra kick. If it wasn’t for coffee I think getting out of bed in the mornings would be a little more difficult.

Also, nothing beats nestling inside your favorite coffee house with a good book in the winter months, even better if it’s snowing outside. Below are some of my favorite coffees illustrated. What kind of coffee is your go-to in the mornings?

Coffee Illustration


  1. Making a cappuccino like that is a common mistake. What you actually want to do is keep the steamed milk moving until you pour so that the milk and foam don’t separate. This gives you beautiful think foam.

  2. as Meghan said, the cappuccino illustrated here is sadly wrong. you want the entirety of your milk to be silky, perfect, tiny microfoam.

    My favorite morning cup is made pourover style, with only the freshest, just ground beans. (I get mine from Counter Culture coffee! check ’em out!)

  3. Mmmm just woke up to snow and now wanting to run down stairs for a cup of coffee with a little cream. Easy and simple but I can’t get my day started without it

  4. I believe Both the cappuccino and macchiato illustrations are actually incorrect. As previously stated, a cappuccino is primarily a foam drink and a macchiato consist of steamed milk with a dollop of foam on top and the shots are poured over the foam thus marking the foam.

  5. Yumm coffee. I love Cuban Cafe Con Leche which I have not been able to perfect on my own and they don’t make it that great up here in New England. I usually go for a double espresso with sugar or a strong cup of coffee with milk. Cute illustrations!

  6. Having worked as a barrista, be sure before you pull your shot to have your steamed milk or what ever you are going to add ready….so very important….a shot goes bitter WITHIN 30 seconds of pulling it….by adding milk (ie cappuccino, latte, etc) it stops the bitterness process, and if like straight espresso, drink immediately.

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