Biba, And How It Influenced My Style

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I grew up lusting after Biba – Barbara Hulanicki’s fashion mecca in London’s swinging 60’s. The Rolling Stones hung out there, Twiggy modeled the clothes, and girls swooned after designs that Brigitte Bardot wore.

Biba’s dark plum and gold colors inspired me the first time I stumbled upon images that captured “The Biba Look.” I fell in love with the Art Nouveau and Art Deco prints, the bohemian cute style and that dark decadent romance that London provokes, and to this day it still remains a fashion inspiration. The Biba look helped dictate British style between the 60’s and 70’s with miniskirts, mini dresses, and the Edwardian opulence that fit in so well with the swinging London trend.

Barbara Hulanicki brought a new vibrancy to grey old London, a richness and affordable fashion that made girls look feminine and cool.

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