How To Create An Eclectic Look

Our lookbook The Road Less Traveled is full of layered eclectic looks. Layers upon layers of fabrics and textures, clashing prints, and accessories fill the pages. The outfits are exciting to look at, fun, and adventurous. I always struggle with how to layer a look but over the years I’ve come to realize that it’s all bout the fabrications, the necklines, and the patterns.

Product: Victorian Romance Top, All Askew Romper, Hard Bangle Set, Three Sisters Ring, Mountain Cuff, Vintage Tribal Bib Necklace, Journey Poncho

Here we’ve chosen the most layered look from our Road Less Traveled lookbook and broken it down into a few easy tips on how to create a good eclectic outfit:

  • If you plan on layering, the key is to use lightweight fabrics. In this outfit our stylists have used a cotton Victorian shirt and a jersey romper — two fabrics that sit nicely on top of each other and don’t feel too bulky. This allows for a third layer like a coat or, as in this outfit, a knitted shawl to keep you warm.
  •  The other thing to keep in mind is the neckline — you want to make sure there’s diversity here. In the outfit above you’ll see a high neck layered with a lower scoop neck. This is important in avoiding too much bulk around your neck.
  • The third is prints. If you are feeling really eclectic, then have fun! Go all out on clashing prints. I always find that if your first layer is a basic, muted color then layering prints and color on top is easy.
  • Lastly, layer jewelry: rings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it. It gives a nice little finish.

And there you have it, one example of how to create a layered eclectic look.

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You should do something on dressing up simple dresses, sweaters, t shirts, etc.

Used some FP pieces in my latest fashion/nature shoot…