Our Designers In India: A Beautiful Mehndi Experience

UPDATE: This post previously ran on November the 2nd because we love the culture of Indian so much we brought it back to inspire you this weekend.

Our FP One designers recently traveled to India and, while they were there, documented their incredible experiences getting Mehndi. Here, our FP designer tells us about her journey.

While I was in India for a design inspiration trip I had  Mehndi designs applied to my hands and lower arms. Mehndi is a ritual primarily used for weddings and other special occasions. It’s a paste that is applied and then you let it dry for 3 hours.  (They actually recommend that you let it dry for 12 hours.)  The darker it is the better, so we did everything they told us to make it as amazing as possible.  After a couple hours we applied Nimbu and Chini (lime and sugar) juice.  It was a bit of a sticky mess but well worth it!  I actually kept mine on for half of my journey home! (India-London-Philly, 30 hours of travel). I left little flakes of henna across the globe.

Traditionally women get together on the eve of a wedding and they all have their hands and feet done. They can’t use their hands for several hours, so the men are called in to feed them! The groom’s name is written in the bride’s Mendhi in Sanskrit and on the night of their wedding, the groom has to find his name. It’s a beautiful experience and I feel honored to have had the opportunity. Below are some photos we took of the process, enjoy!


  1. Love henna! I used to do it myself all the time, but it’s been years since last. Recently purchased a henna kit from Ricky’s NYC and I’m about to bring the henna back!

  2. I love mehndi, have got it done a few times and bought books, henna, etc to learn myself. However, I always get so sad when it starts to fade, that I decided to get a tattoo that looks like henna. I now have a mandala permanently placed in the center of my back and I love it. I have two more tattoos that are mehndi – inspired; a peacock feather on my arm and a lotus flower on my foot.
    Jenny, Brisbane, Australia.

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