DIY Alternative Christmas Tree

One of the most symbolic aspects of the Christmas holiday is the tree – but a lot of people can’t have real trees in their apartments, or just don’t have enough room. Luckily there are many alternative ways to make your own “tree” that are just as beautiful as the real thing! I have always loved the idea of constructing a tree on the wall using tree branches, and this year I finally got around to making one. It is incredibly easy and the perfect alternative to a real tree – it is displayed on the wall so it takes up no room, and it is absolutely magical looking.

All you need to complete this project are some branches, string lights, and whatever decorations you wish to use on your tree! I scrounged around outside for my branches and was able to find some that were the perfect lengths, but if you need to you can saw the branches to your desired length.

diy alternative christmas trees

To attach the branches to the wall, I used a hot glue gun and glued tacks to the branches. This worked just fine for me, but you could also use nails or something like this.

diy alternative christmas tree

Space out your branches evenly with the largest one on the bottom and smallest at the top, forming the shape of a tree. I also added a “star” at the top that is actually a little snowflake made of twigs. Now simply add some string lights and decorations!

diy alternative christmas tree

For decorations, I used some pine needle sprigs, dried flowers and my embellished animal figurines. The branches act like shelves, so you can just place decorations right on them!

diy alternative christmas tree

diy alternative christmas tree

diy alternative christmas tree

Have you ever made an alternative Christmas tree? Send a photo to, we would love to see it!

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Photos by Julia.


  1. Such a cute idea!!! Love it..maybe I should do this next year, my cats always tear up my regular christmas tree and my little kittie eats the fake needles..

  2. What a great idea! Definitely for anyone who’s short on space, or even if there’s a family tree and you just want a personal one in your own room. How about a camper? Or the front porch? Love it.

  3. So simple and cute ….
    I have large sugar pine cones to hang in the bay window with pretty ribbon …
    Garland around the outside …

    Merry Christmas to everyone …

  4. seeing as the winter solstice was celebrated by the pagans love before “christmas”, this is a great way to bring back a little of the old ways back into our modern lives, and get a tiny bit closer to nature! thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. I LOVE this! Such a beautiful alternative tree, or just a great decoration for an empty wall. Another benefit of this tree is that it can be made from scrap wood from the backyard or nearby forest – a very green way to decorate with natural materials. No wasted tree!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this! We’re having an extremely hard time financially and can’t afford a traditional tree. You’ve made my heart happy :)

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  10. Love the simplicity, space, and grace of this design.

    I will be trying this with my students next year, especially since our therapeutic school is on an Olmsted designed campus (lots of branches!).

    This is what the holiday should be about.

    Less is definitely more!! Thanks.

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