DIY Dream Jar For The New Year

Today’s DIY is more of an idea that I fell in love as an alternative to the typical New Year’s resolutions. I don’t know about you but I never remember my resolutions – by February they’re pretty much forgotten. In an attempt to remember them this year, I decided to make a dream jar. What is a dream jar? Basically it’s a mason jar filled with items that symbolize various goals and hopes for the year ahead.

dream jar for new year's resolutions

Gather little trinkets and mementos that have special meanings for you. For example, a photograph or a motivational quote, a paint brush if you wish to paint more, a fork if you want to cook more, or a buddha as symbol for a more zen lifestyle.

dream jar for new year's resolutions

Arrange your objects of choice inside a mason jar and place the jar on a desk or bedside table where you’ll see it often, reminding you of the things you wanted to accomplish. At the end of the year, the jar will be like a little time capsule of your year that you can treasure forever! Wouldn’t it be cool to do this every year, and have a whole shelf of dream jars?

dream jar for new year's resolutions

What would you put in your dream jar?


  1. This is such a cute idea!! I’m not sure about doing a jar every year though, i’ve already been called a hoarder (lol, j/k) maybe every year you could take the stuff out and put new stuff in, right it down and see what has changed each year..that would be awesome..i might put a dreamcatcher in mine to remind me that some day my dream of owning a small coffee shop will come true, soon enough..and i need to keep following my dreams. maybe a little sample of knit and crochet, to remind me to remember to relax. Some seashells maybe, too….so many things, im excited for it now lol.

  2. This is a really cute idea and I can’t wait to try it :D I’d put different patterned scraps of fabric or something similar to symbolize being more outdoorsy or a fabric scrap with airplanes on it to symbolize more travel…

  3. I love this post! I found you on One.Pretty.Thing.
    I’ll be adding a blue jay feather, some dirt from my
    grandmother’s grave, a jar of full moon water and
    some pumpkin seeds. : )

  4. This is a beautiful idea! I’m putting three things in my jar. A picture of myself and my husband on our wedding day, a picture of our beautiful girls, and a sunflower.

  5. Goodness gracious I swear sometimes me & the FP bloggers are on the same exact wavelength. I made my own version of dream jar over the holidays, and named it an oraculum. You can check it out here:

    In mine:

    quartz: clarity
    magpie feather: fearlessness
    golden key: access to the secret world
    humpback whale: ecstatic expression
    blackbird feather: channeling
    mood ring: merry-making
    melted marble: revelry
    freyja headpiece: sensuality
    heiner luepke photograph: earthen grace
    owl: otherworld flight

    Cheers to curios and beautiful intention-setting x

  6. I love this idea! Initially got excited because I could put a mason jar with a tiny inner crack that’s been sitting around the house to use, but on second thought that’s probably not the best starting point for a dream jar =) Still excited to do this.

  7. Oemgee ! I am soo in love with this idea ! I am trying to decorate my new room and trying to find new things to put in there ! LOL ! :D LAHOVEEE FP BLOG !!! :))))

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