DIY Mini Wreaths: A Guest Post From Catherine Rising

This is a guest post from our dream catcher designer Catherine Rising.

Holidays in NYC can get pretty hectic. The city is full of crowds going to shows, holiday shopping, and enjoying all of the wonderful things the city has to offer this time of year… While I love the hustle and bustle of it all, it is really nice to come home to my a cozy hideaway in Brooklyn.

As the days get shorter, temperature drops, and the solstice approaches, I try to fill my apartment with warmth and light. This year I bought a table top tree to add some festive cheer to my studio.  To decorate the tree, I bought some bright, glittery ornaments, and I also made some miniature wreaths to bring in a more natural element.  The mini-wreaths were really fun, and easy to make.  They also make a great gift, and can be used to decorate your home all year long (even if a tiny walk up in Williamsburg like mine.)

All photos by Chelsea Muller.

Here is how I made them:



Grapevine- available at most craft stores and online.  I bought 4″ pre-made wreaths.

Hemp Cord- I used 2lb natural cord

Feathers- I like to mix natural and over-dyed bright colors

Dried Flowers- I used Statice, Babies Breath, and Eucalyptus

Crystals- I used Rose Quartz, Pyrite, and Metallic Quartz Crystals

Glittery Leaves- you can make these, or purchase them at most craft stores



Hot Glue Gun


Start by deciding which materials you want to use and where you want to place them.  Then, use the hot glue gun to attach each pieces to the wreath. I started by gluing down a feather, and then glued a piece of the statice on top of it.

To cover up the stem of the feather and statice, I added a piece of rose quartz.  Hot glue actually works to attach the crystals, I just apply a little pressure and hold them in place until I am sure the glue has set.  If you leave the stem long, the flowers can also be woven in to the grape vine.

Cut a piece of the hemp cord about 14 inches long, loop it around the wreath at the top, and finish it with a knot.

On the second wreath I made, I wanted to wrap the crystal to the wreath using the hemp cord.  This will ensure the crystal stays in place.  First, glue the crystal in place on the wreath.  Then, cut a piece of hemp cord about 12 inches long. Carefully, put a thin line of glue on the end of the hemp cord (maybe 3/4 of an inch). Glue the cord on the the crystal, hiding the end of the cord on the back of the wreath.  Then, wrap the cord tightly around the crystal and wreath a couple of times.  To finish, glue the cord down the same as the first end, making sure the end is hidden.

Have fun choosing your materials. If you are using crystals or gemstones, you can choose them according the properties they hold. I love to use Citrine, which dissipates negative energy and has the ability to cleanse the chakras, and Rose Quartz which is the most important crystal for heart and heart chakra.

 Enjoy making your own mini-wreaths, and have a Happy Holiday!!


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11 years ago

These are so cute! I must make them this week and Hang them around my house! I love mini things :)

10 years ago

Hi, I seen your DIY wreath and was wondering if I could use it for a guide on how to draw simple yet beautiful things that people have made?
I would like to include your original picture and use it as an example for a drawing guide. Their will be a link to your page resulting in more views for you as well.