Free People Horoscopes, December 24-30

By Tracy Allen.

capricorn star sign illustration



CAPRICORN December 22–January 19 You’re in for an interesting week when the sun in your sign bumps up against unpredictable Uranus in your home angle, is stretched to the limit by the sensitive full moon in your relationship house, has an uncomfortable meeting with Jupiter in your work sector, joins forces with Pluto—also in Capricorn—and clicks with your ruler, Saturn in your group zone. It’s only natural for you to identify with the sun in Cap and experience the above as external challenges like family drama, relationship tension, coworker problems and personal power struggles. However, the end of the week affords the possibility that you can reconcile your ego drive with your responsibility to others and accomplish significantly more than you would by flying solo. The Capricorn sun-Pluto meetup has a definite ruthlessness to it. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself about what space needs to be cleared within you to make room for something better in the coming year. Think in terms of death and rebirth.



aquarius star sign illustrationAQUARIUS January 20–February 18 You’ll gain momentum as fired-up Mars cruises into Aquarius this week, but you may have to hold your fire when a full moon sets off a planetary chain reaction. It would be so easy now to get swept up in the chaos and fail to edit your words and actions. A big part of you always wants to go against the grain, and your rebellious streak has been taking a mental and verbal form ever since Uranus, your ruling planet, entered your cognition-and-communication sector last year. Now with doer Mars in your sign, you’re ready to lead the revolution. Though you’re caught in the tension between control and mayhem now, you don’t really want either extreme. So take yourself out of the equation. Travel, spirituality, quiet time alone and service to others can all help you to get out of your own head and reconnect with a greater sense of purpose.


pisces star sign illustrationPISCES February 19–March 20 The full moon lights up your creation-and-procreation house this week, magnifying your feelings about romance, creativity and children and contrasting them against the pull of friends, long-range goals and fitting in. Freeing up a stagnant self-image and transforming your connections to groups are still essential to moving forward. As 2012 wraps up, the current friction in your life should enable you to see what you need to wrap up. If sparks are flying, instead of ducking for cover, let them wake you up. Your emotional need to express something about yourself now should not be swept under the rug in order to keep the peace. Rather, that piece of yourself may be the key to what will inspire you in 2013.


aries star sign illustration ARIES March 21–April 19 Catalyst Mars, your ruling planet, advances into your group sector this week, prodding you to coordinate your efforts with others.  Dealing with other people may seem like a given during Christmas week, but loose-cannon Uranus in your independent sign is sparring with the full moon in your family angle and the sun in your career house, triggering your fight-or-flight response to domestic and work disturbances. Your impulse to break off from the pack and do your own thing must be reconciled with Mars’ edict to be a team player. Your ego is driving you to shine, but that needn’t mean dominating other people or failing to factor them in. You have an opportunity now to do things in a way that feels harder and less familiar. Take it, instead of the easy out.



taurus star sign illustrationTAURUS April 20–May 20 You can learn a lot this week if you do your best to open your mind and allow your beliefs to be transformed. A full moon spans your perception houses, indicating sensitive communication (possibly with siblings) and a probable difference of opinion. Issues around trust, loyalty, competition and sharing arise, and since you’ll feel a powerful need to hash things out, make fairness and diplomacy a priority. The moon will heighten everyone’s emotions, so work on being patient with other people and balancing their feelings against yours. Resist the urge to blurt out a secret or flee the scene. Instead, seek common ground and healing. You might think that sticking to your beliefs is imperative, but questioning your own assumptions will bring new answers and permit your feelings to shift.



gemini star sign illustration 2 GEMINI May 21–June 20 Active Mars charges into your expansion zone this week, so if a trip isn’t part of your holiday plans, make sure to spread your wings another way. Some form of outdoor adventure or exercise would be perfect, and anything that teaches you about a culture other than your own will also help you stretch your normal boundaries. A dramatic full moon in your worth sector tempts you to focus too much on what you have versus what others have, and feelings of resentment are likely to rise to the surface. Redirect your attention to the reality that you’re manifesting in your own life. Do you value the work that you’re doing? Is it providing you with sufficient financial resources? Is self-esteem at the crux of your current emotions? Let these feelings wash through you and change you rather than clutching onto them and thus escalating their potential for destruction.


cancer star sign illustrationCANCER June 21–July 22 This is an emotional week for you Crabs, as a full moon lights up your sign, opposed by the energizing sun and intense Pluto in your relationship angle. In addition, fiery Mars enters your intimacy sector and the sun and Pluto connect with serious Saturn in your heart zone. Your desire for closeness increases, but you’re hyperaware now of how much you need and how that seems to give someone power over you. Their primary power at the moment is to be what you need them to be—or not. The instinctual moon and practical Saturn can help you to see what’s going on and what course might be best. Are you getting what you need? Is this relationship working for you? If not, is it worth the work that it will require to get it back on track? Cancers are so good at taking their own emotional temperature, but you need to go one step further so as not to get stuck in the feelings themselves.


leo star sign illustration LEO July 23–August 22 This week, your ruling planet, the sun, gets hip-checked by disruptive Uranus, faces off against the touchy full moon, has an awkward encounter with highfalutin Jupiter, runs into power-player Pluto and harmonizes with no-nonsense Saturn. Luckily, Leos thrive on drama! The sun is currently positioned in your competence zone, so in resisting the various outside pressures, the negative tendency will be to try to control and perfect. But on the positive side, you can strive to maintain a clear head and take care of your own business no matter what atmosphere you find yourself in. Mars’ entry into your relationship house increases the chances of tension in one-on-one interactions, but let the full moon in the last house of your chart nudge you to let go. You can change old habits now and close out the year with a firm resolve to move forward. Put your energy towards that, not towards conflict.


virgo star sign illustrationVIRGO August 23–September 22 It may be difficult to avoid me-against-the-world thinking this week, but in a twist of irony, you won’t be alone in that. The planets seem to be splitting off into two camps at the moment, making many of us feel rather fragmented. You have a strong compulsion to express yourself and to do what pleases you, but the needs of others could be pitted against that compulsion. Disciplined, restrained thinking and empathy for where someone else is coming from will prevent emotional overreaction. You may require some breathing room so as not to feel swallowed up by the herd mentality. To feel like yourself without alienating anyone, make creativity and play a part of your week.



libra star sign illustration LIBRA September 23–October 22 When two planets are opposite each other, and a third forms 90ª angles to each, it’s called a T-square, an astrological configuration of dynamic friction. The sign opposing the third planet is like the missing leg of a four-legged table. If there were a planet occupying that sign, it would fill out the “T” to become what’s called a Grand Cross. In the absence of such a planet, the empty sign becomes an outlet for the tension, for better or for worse. This week, the full moon in Cancer opposes the sun and Pluto in Capricorn, while Uranus in Aries forms a 90º angle to them—making Libra the fourth leg that stops the table from wobbling. You’re alternately caught in the crossfire of these sharp, tense planetary angles and propping us all up. Don’t stir the pot. Rather, find your center of gravity and be a source of harmony.



scorpio star sign illustrationSCORPIO October 23–November 21 Admittedly, feisty Mars’ move into your home angle this week doesn’t exactly spell peaceful family Christmas, and the full moon’s clash with six other planets may well bring its share of commotion. But you can navigate the turbulence and come out on the other side stronger and wiser. When the moon shines in your philosophy sector, it can shed light on a truth that’s passed its expiration date. It’s not about a dream that is dying, but rather, a belief that has outlasted its purpose. Your habits and mindset are undergoing a major metamorphosis, and an idea that you habitually turn to as a given is coming to an end. A fresh perspective can spring up in its place, one that’s aligned with the person you’re becoming. Not only is Saturn forcing you to grow up, but you’re yearning to birth a new you. Let this week’s challenges point the way to your year ahead.



sagittarius star sign illustration SAGITTARIUS November 22–December 21 With pleasure-principle Venus in your sign, you’re determined to have a good time. And go-for-it Mars’ move into your communication-and-community zone will put you in frequent contact with people. But the moody full moon in your sharing sector opposing the ego-oriented sun and controlling Pluto in your security house ensures that this week is about more than simple socializing. What you’re comfortable with and what others are comfortable with are not one and the same now, and merging your needs and theirs will require some give and take. Your instinct is to live and let live, but that approach will splinter the group. It takes patience and planning to accommodate everyone, and it’s bound to get more emotional than you anticipated. Though it may not be the lighthearted fun you were looking for, you’re quite capable of enjoying yourself.


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8 years ago

I’m a Libra and this is so true right now

8 years ago

Any idea when the current scopes will be posted?