Hairstyle We Love: Cowgirl Braids

I have quite long hair and when it comes to the winter months when layering is key, my hair becomes a nightmare. When I’m wearing my coat and chunky scarf my locks become all tangled and knotted. Lately, I’ve come up with a solution and that is to braid my hair into cowgirl braids.

The hair style is so simple and sweet. Just part your hair and braid each side and your good to go, no more tangled hair. It also creates whimsical waves when you undo them too.

Here are some of our favorite cowgirl braid inspiration photos.

 images source, image source, image source, image source, image source

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10 years ago

stunning pictures!!

Gurley Girl
10 years ago

I am IN LOVE with the third picture!!!

10 years ago

the second model with the freckles is too perfect