Holiday Gift Guide For Sandy

Our final gift guide is for Sandy, the beachy girl for whom summer never ends.  Whether she lives in a warm climate or travels in winter to places with sunshine and beaches, she is forever chasing the sun. Here’s a selection of gifts for the Sandy in your life!

Magic Moon Tote – This printed canvas tote would make an adorable beach bag!

Oval Stitch Infinity Scarf – This scarf is lightweight enough to throw on during chilly summer nights.

Embellished Friendship Bracelet – A unique twist on the classic friendship bracelet that never leaves Sandy’s wrist.

Large Plastic Round Sunnies – Sandy can never have enough pairs of sunglasses!

Fleece Patterned Shorts – These adorable shorts are perfect for the beach.

Color Pop Space Dye Pullover – A cozy sweater is essential for cooler evenings and Sandy will love the color pops in this one.

Ex Boyfriend Tee – The perfect easy tee to throw on over a bikini!

Crystal Soap – Sandy will love the natural appearance of these crystal soaps, and how wonderful they smell.

Rita Solid Legwarmer – So she can stay warm, but still be barefoot :).

Striped Pom Pom Hat – We love the idea of wearing beanies at the beach on chilly nights.

Argan Oil Lip Balm – To protect her lips when spending all day in the sun!

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  1. Im not one to get offended easily but that name is rather insensitive! “The beachy girl for whom the summer never ends, ” named Sandy! Thats really rather disrespectful to those of us of the New Jersey shore line who lost so much!

  2. As with all of our Free People girls (Candy, Ginger, Meadow, Lou), Sandy’s name has been a part Free People for years. It is an unfortunate coincidence that she shares her name with a storm that affected the homes and lives of so many on the east coast this year, but her style and inspiration still mean a great deal to us.

  3. It is rather awkward. The title of this post lead me to believe this was a donation for Sandy victims… and I was a bit shocked at the name of the collection. I have been following FP for years but I’ve never heard about the “Sandy” collection until now. Maybe Free People should do something about hurricane relief as their Head quarters IS on the east coast…

  4. As a long time lover of FP, I love the “Sandy” look and I am glad that FP posted these gift ideas!! Even though it is tragic what happened with the hurricane, Sandy has been a part of the FP family for years. No one stopped using the name Katrina, or Andrew when those hurricanes caused so much damage. You can’t expect people to never use that name again, guys. Also – Free People has done a LOT for hurricane relief and if you kept up with the company, you would know that they have donated over $50,000 to Hurricane Sandy relief, as well as asked their employees to make clothing and food donations.

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