Holiday Mixtape Contest: Listen To The Winning Playlist!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our Holiday Mixtape Contest! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of your entries – there were so many beautiful songs and such a lovely mood to the playlists overall, it was very difficult to select a winner. We have chosen a winner though, and it is Mayra of Dallas, TX! Listen to her playlist below and read a bit about why she chose the songs she did.

“Well, of course, I had to include my absolute favorite song by the Talking Heads, Naive Melody… who can say this isn’t a holiday party favorite? Just about every song on the playlist I discovered throughout several winters, so any time they play they give me that warm, nostalgic Christmas feeling. The jingling bells, the trumpets, the tambourines… above all, the soothing artists’ voices… everything about each of the songs makes me wanna snuggle up against my honey under a cozy blanket, with a tasty cup of eggnog, my cat on my lap, and Home Alone playing on mute all the while. <3”

Personally, I love that the songs she chose aren’t typical holiday songs, but they set a definite mood and tell a story! To me it starts as coming home for the holidays, moves through the comfort and coziness of spending time with family at home, with spurts of joy like the upbeat “Walkabout” (such a great song!), and ends with the New Year. You can listen to all of the entries on our RDIO page here – and don’t forget, you can go to your local Free People store and with any purchase, receive an RDIO gift card for one month of free music!

Thank you again everyone for participating, and stay tuned for more mixtape contests in the future!

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11 years ago

Great mix for snuggling up with my Mayra.

11 years ago

This mix is ace! Congrats on the win.

11 years ago

ice, but too bad you have to pay for full subscription..