Miami Style Secrets From Our Favorite Local

Every time I venture to Miami I have the pleasant experience of bumping into Karla Garcia, one of the bloggers and street style photographers that’s making it happen under the Florida skies.

As I strolled through Art Basel I heard someone yell “Jemmmmma!!” I turned and was greeted by a big huge smile and a lady that has so much energy it’s almost explosive – Karla Garcia. The blogger behind Ohh Snap is someone that you can’t help but be drawn to. Her love for street style and fashion is contagious, and if you ever get the opportunity to stroll around with her for a few hours while seeking out people to photograph, you’ll know what I mean. During Art Basel she was busy photographing street style for Elle UK, but I didn’t let her slip away – I wanted to ask her what inspires her so much about street style and living in Miami, and here’s what she had to say:

Describe Miami in 3 words

Vibrant, energetic, hot!

The style in Miami is quite unique, how would you describe the fashion here?

It’s hard to pinpoint one specific look or style because Miami is so diverse,but I think it’s safe to say most Miamians love color and bold pieces that make a statement.  Every time someone from out of town visits, they wear their most colorful and bold looks because it’s what you do here. We wear resort pieces year round since all our seasons feel like summer,and we bring out our winter goods the few weeks we have somewhat cooler weather. 

When shooting street style,what are the key things you look for?

Individuality and personality are huge factors that I try to find in my subjects. Shooting street style is very intuitive for me, it doesn’t matter whether the look is glam, boho, relaxed, or high end, what matters most is the way the person portrays themselves in their outfit. 

What were some of your highlights from Art Basel?

Meeting Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) and Garance Dore was pretty huge. I’ve been a fan of both their work for years and I admire their influential roles in street style and the fashion world.  I also had the chance to meet street style photographer Mr. Newton, who was one of the coolest guys and gave me great advice on the industry. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style is a mix of hipster/retro with a tailored look. I like to accent my outfits with colorful and edgy pieces that make a classic outfit look edgy and cool.

And lastly, why do you think street style has become inspirational?

Street style is quickly revolutionizing the fashion world. We are no longer just looking to models and ad campaigns to be inspired on what to wear or purchase. Street style is becoming the best kind of market research because it tells you what and how people are wearing things. Not only is it a great source of inspiration but I find true beauty in its raw and real qualities. 

Photos by Mayleen Gonzalez

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