How The Moon Impacts Your Mood

UPDATE: This post previously ran on October the 16th, but as we are continually in its cycle, we thought we would bring it back.

Whenever I feel a little unbalanced I usually blame it on the full moon, because I always find around this time I get emotional, touchy, and aggravated. Many people tell me it’s just a myth, but I’m pretty convinced that the moon’s pull has an impact on my body.

After all, we are 70% water and the effect it has on the tide could just be happening to our bodies, too. There is an ancient awareness of the full moon’s effect on mental and emotional health – in England in the 18th century a person who committed a crime during a full moon could plead lunacy and get a lighter sentence.  The problem was apparently so widespread that in 1824 they created the Lunacy Act which claimed that people were liable to go mad when the moon was full. I can hold my hands up and say that I tend to get a little emotional whenever there’s a full moon or act a little strange. My mind gets so tense and worked up that I feel sorry for the people around me – If only I could plead “lunacy” and get away with it. We’d love to know if you guys get effect by the full moon too, and what experiences you have.


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10 years ago

I 100% agree that the full moon effects peoples moods & actions. I’m not so sure it should be an out for crimes, like in the past…but I most certainly can see a change in people around the full moon. My friends all tease me when I say it, but it always brings about something interesting.

10 years ago

“man is like the sun & woman is like the moon. earth depends on them both. the sun is steady and shines forth, the moon waxes & wanes and reflects the light of the sun.”

:shakti parwha kaur khalsa

we are all effected. <3.

10 years ago

yes yes yes, I truly get a bit emotional around full moon

10 years ago

I’m glad I’m not the only one who blames the moon for things. My 2-year old generally gets raucous around the full moon, staying up very late – and has ever since he was in the womb! I personally find it exciting to see the moon full and feel the full lunar vibes. Sometimes I will lay crystals in the moonlight to capture the vibes.
I have found myself feeling the cramps coming on, then find out the moon is full – and I feel blessed to have the moon guide my cycles.

Plus, I love the Mighty Boosh! In which the moon makes his appearance from time to time :)

10 years ago

I am obsessed with moon cycles, but I don’t get emotional during a full moon. Normally I am a little bit more wild in a good sense, but I think that’s because I notice the craziness stirring around me and anticipate a day of witnessing some unusually crazy things. I get excited, rather than emotional.

10 years ago

even the word “LUNA-tic” or “LUNA-cy” is broken down into literally meaning… “moon sick” . i totally concur with this post!! right on sister :) haha

10 years ago

I work in a pharmacy and every full moon the customers are angrier and more impatient. Generally the customers who are on ‘crazy drugs’ will come in at this time of the month too.

10 years ago

I definitely get effected by the moon, but differently than you do. For me, When the moon is growing towards a full moon my moods tend to be more uplifted, whereas when the moon is getting smalled, I tend to be a little crabbier.

10 years ago

I definitely get effected by the moon, but differently than you do. For me, When the moon is growing towards a full moon my moods tend to be more uplifted, whereas when the moon is getting smaller, I tend to be a little crabbier.

Gurley Girl
10 years ago

ummm that picture is awesome.

10 years ago

When I was grocery shopping the cashier was like “is it a full moon? Today has been weird” She felt it and I know I feel it. Also according to astrology the moon represents one’s inner needs and self. Maybe more of one’s self emerges with the full moon.

10 years ago

When I worked at a pharmacy we’d mark the full moons of every month. Every time that day came we would prepare ourselves cause we learned those where the days people would be completely off their game. We would get some of the strangest and emotional customers. lol I also feel the affects myself. I Just feel deeper with my emotions around that time.

10 years ago

It makes perfect sense that the full moon effects people.
The moon controls the tides and considering humans are made up of majority water, it stands to reason that it effects us too.

10 years ago

I totally dig this vibe,,, I’m on board with that thought too, about the moon influencing moods, behaviors and just randomness that comes to one’s mind.
That’s one of the reasons I called my clothing label LUNATIC… I love what that word stands for, I relate to it, and I’m a deep and committed lover of the moon.
Great post!
Stay cool..

10 years ago

When my mom was in the ICU a few weeks ago, one of the nurses said they see a huge increase of patients in the ICU and birthing center around the full moon. I always took it as a fact that the moon effects our bodies to some degree, but I had no idea that it was that measurable!

10 years ago

Interesting topic but was a little disappointed with the short length and lack of examples.

10 years ago

that definitely makes me feel better that im not the only one feeling changed due to the full moon. whenever there is a full moon i feel a little bit lost and sluggish, when ever that happens i usually try something new or switch up my schedule to keep things interesting not so boring. :) thanks for the great post!

10 years ago

I am a moon person, like an owl. I feel like me and the moon are one, this sounds weird I know but it feels pretty dang rad.


10 years ago

Hey guys, this only happens once a year. usually when the moon is closest to the earth, it is not a full moon. there is one month where the closest comes 2 minutes before the full moon, but other than that, the full moon and perigee of the moon do not happen at the same time.

10 years ago

i dont sleep during from a waxing crescent through the full mooon. my mind is just buzzzzing.

10 years ago

Hey, wife and daughters are moon persons. Hotel for me once a month! :)

10 years ago

I feel relaxed during the full moon. I love to look out my window and I can see it also the rays of moon light look so cool on my walls and bed.

10 years ago

While driving, people are much more aggressive. My mother has always blamed it on the moon and says that the lunatics come out. After reading this, I truly think what she says is true.

10 years ago

After working as a hairstylist for more than five years, I can fully attest to the “lunacy” theory. My coworkers and I would always be able to tell when a full moon was coming up, usually at the beginning of the week. Clients would be extra off the wall, and sure enough, a full moon would be due in four days. The term “lunatic” does come from “lunar”, after all.

10 years ago

In my case, I note more influence on me by the new moon… I feel renovated in a good sense.