Office Style: Style From Within

With the week being very quiet due to the Christmas holidays, I decided to pinpoint ladies whose style I really admire. Each and every day I see them they bring a smile to my face. These ladies dress from within, the outfits they wear constantly tell a story about who they are, what passions they have and what they are about… deep from within! They wear their personalities and it screams “this is who I am, take it or leave it” and there’s something I find so endearing about that.

Someone once asked me, “what is style?” and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Is it something you’re born with or something you work at? Style can’t be dictated by rules, it lives and breathes it has to come from within. This week’s office style is in honor of  ladies who dress for themselves.

Our Videographer

Office Style

She has the most incredible tee shirt collection I have ever seen, this shirt was made by Brooklyn artist Sebastian Errazuriz. “It’s in homage to the victims of hurricane sandy… so clever to dip-dye the t-shirt to represent the city underwater…”


Our Web Merchandiser always rocks the most unique outfits, I know every time I stop by her desk she will be wearing something that’s original and quirky

Our Vintage Buyer

Office Style

Every day our Vintage Buyer amazes me, she wears clothes that tell stories of her travels and her adventures to flea markets around the states. I love how free she is in choosing what she wears, it always puts  smile on my face.

office style

Our Buying Assistant always looks put together and comfortable, she pulls of that casual cool look in a sleek way that many of us envy

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sweet pea

I love each of these!! These are lovely ladies :)


So cute. Everyone in the Free People offices are so fashionable! Office Style on the Blog is always my favorite – you should do it heaps more :):)

you guys are all great! you give me so much confidence to go out and pull off my outfits!


Not too impressed with the first few… pretty average looks. the last one is cute.


Wow I LOVE this post. It is so important for females to remember to be true to themselves, regardless of what others think (because really, who cares?) Very impressed with FP! I’d like to see more posts like these.