Rider’s On The Storm Vignette

Our latest trend Riders On The Storm provokes the spirit of darkness in me, a sense of mystery and solitude like a dark rider of the night, but with that fun rock n’ roll element. This trends brings to mind dressing up in leather and fringe, playing Patti Smith on vinyl while the seductive smell of Diptyque Baies burns and eucalyptus cleanses the air.

My nails would be dark, dark with the color of Chanel Black Pearl and my hair, wavy and long. It would be snowing out side and the wind would howl blowing gently my black feather dream catcher. Crystals would be scattered around absorbing negative energy and then I’d lay in front of the wood burning fire and fall into the deepest, darkest, romantic sleep.

Here’s my Riders On The Storm vignette.

Rider's On The Storm

Image one: Starline Ankle Boot, Baies Candle , Chanel Black Pearl , Side Comb, Hooded Poncho , Studded Vegan Leather Shorts , We The Free Round Two Tee, Crochet Monokini, Image

Image two: Patti Smith Album, Isabel Marant Dream Catcher , Image , Quartz , Image

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ayla jane
11 years ago

I LOOOOVE this post. This is my all-time-favorite fashion style. It’s the one i connect with most and feel most comfortable in. I feel it suits a lot of us who were the floaters and didn’t really belong to any one “clique” or “type.”

This is also written so beautifully. I really got the right feeling from it :)

11 years ago

That’s great article. You know – this is exactly what I was looking for. I shall give you a big thanks for this great piece of information. Keep it up.