Saturday DO: Create A Calming Space

With all the hustle surrounding the holiday season, sometimes I completely forget how important it is to take time out to clear my head, relax, and unwind. When I don’t do this, I feel stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. To chill out during busy times, one of my favorite relaxation methods is to create a calming space in my home, and meditate or write in the space I’ve created.

The space doesn’t have to be huge. Even a corner of a room will do. If you live someplace warm, take advantage of any outdoor space you have. Fill your space with a comfortable chair or pillow, soft light (natural light is best!), and free the area of clutter. If you have plants or terrariums, this is a great place to keep those. This Saturday, create a calming space in your home, and make sure to use it. You’ll enjoy this festive season a lot more if you’re taking care of yourself, too.


Photo via Bohemian Homes.

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10 years ago

But I want to sit in THIS calming space, much better than the ones I have available to me already!