Shop-able Street Style

Every day we source street style sites for inspiration, and to see what the girls are wearing on the streets. Starting today, we are going to be starting our very own street style series from around the globe. We’ve handpicked photographers from cities that inspire us. It’s incredible to see how different the style can be based on the city, the culture, and climate. We’re looking forward to giving you style inspiration from around the world. Read on to find out why we love this look, and how you can make it your own!

Jennifer Trusty was strolling through Santa Monica on the 3rd street Promenade. She is an Executive Assistant at BeachMint and she is 30 years old. We love that she has teamed a glam sequin skirt with a rock tee, killer heels, and a fun pop of cobalt blue nail polish. She’s fun and sophisticated at the same time, perfect for the California-cool vibe.

Get the look: Fever Sequin Body-con Skirt, Vintage Tee, Ecuador Ring, Bauletto Satchel , Selena Metal Toe Heel

Photo Credit: Alkistis Tsitouri from StreetGeist

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10 years ago

wow, this lady is perfection!

10 years ago

You should check out Las Vegas and Tel Aviv. Las Vegas is not all over the top Barbie glitz and glam anymore. We have a great downtown cultural scene and local scene. Tel Aviv-for summer, beachwear especially! Israelis live on the beach.

10 years ago

Hey Jemma,

I’ve just come onto your site and I’m so glad! Love your DIY posts and this street fashion post is lovely!
Adore the sequin skirt and the pop of cobalt blue, so on trend!

Really enjoying your blog, can’t wait for the next post!

~ Tasha FashionCherry Team

10 years ago

Love the skirt. Bag design is also unique

Debra Cuchna
10 years ago

Hey Jennifer,

Looking Good!!! So sorry we did not see you at Thanksgiving. Love You and you look adorable!!!!

10 years ago

I love the way the outfit was put together and the different options given on how to put the outfit together with other things. this blog is similar to mine because both blogs are about the latest updated fashion. However, they are different because my blogs goes into further details on the different body types the clothing would be perferred on.