Video: Boho Braid Crown Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago when we put up this post, lots of you asked for a tutorial for Brigette’s awesome hair. So, when we had hair stylist Amy Farid  come down to our office to shoot some tutorials, we asked her to do her take on this style.  The best thing about this hairstyle is that it’s really not difficult to do on yourself, and you can definitely tweak this style to make it your own.  Here, Amy shows how to do two versions, one in which the braids are placed lower on the forehead, and one with the braids placed higher up on the head. Watch the video below and learn how to achieve the boho braid crown!

Boho Braid Crown Tutorial from FreePeople on Vimeo.

boho braid crown

Brigette is wearing the Trailing Crescent Chambray Dress and  Lacy Layering Top.

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  1. Yes, thank you…this is the tutorial I have been waiting for<3. It looks easy but now I need to get my hands on some hair pins, u pins and some hair spray…Hopefully, it turns out as awesome on me as it did on Bridgette ~ thank you again!

    I have another question…Bridgette wears a silver double choker pendant necklace that is to die for and I noticed you guys have a similar piece for sale…is it the same designer ?

  2. Eva – I’m excited for you to try the style!!

    I’m trying to figure out which necklace you’re referring to. Am I wearing it in a particular post? If so, send a link so I can help you! You can email us at and address it to me if you’d like :)

  3. Hey fp happy holidays!! :-) thanks for all the lovely catalogs and clothes and
    Inspiration all year! What’s to expect for the new January catalog??? Can’t wait to see it! :-)
    When does it drop?

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