How We Wear Chunky Scarves

One of my absolute essentials for winter is a chunky scarf… in addition to being warm, there’s something comforting about being all wrapped up in one.¬†Brigette always wears chunky scarves and looks great in them so I asked her to show me how she would wear a few of our scarves as inspiration!

Above, I love how she effortlessly wrapped the Border Print Artisan Scarf, tucking at the end so no pieces are hanging down. The sweater is the FP New Romantics Reflections In Crochet Pullover.

chunky scarf styling

The Forester Scarf is super long so you can wrap it multiple times – add the San Miguel Fedora for a classic winter look!

chunky scarf styling

The Loop Knit Infinity Scarf is great because all you have to do is loop it around your neck twice!

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More styling tips from the BLDG 25 Blog.

Photos by Julia.


  1. Love the ” Loop Knit Infinity Scarf”…I fell in love with the colors of this scarf form this blog post. I almost bought the scarf right away…but I am glad I waited because it just went on sale! Snagged one of those beauties last night:) Hope it looks a lot like in this picture! Can’t wait! Thanks free people:)

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