Acupuncture Diary, Week 5: Chinese Herbs

Last week I ran out of the Chinese herbs that I had been taking three times a day. Instead of getting a new bottle, my acupuncturist Jenny thought we would try something new. She customized an herbal formula for me that’s made of 13 different Chinese herbs.

Chinese Herbs

I haven’t a clue what each particular herb does, but this formula is meant to address a couple different patterns within my body at once. It’s a toning formula, meant to help with my stomach, liver, and spleen, whereas the herbs I was previously taking were mainly meant to clear the heat in my body.

The cool thing about this formula is that it comes in a powder, so I can make it into a tea and drink up!


It has a bitter taste (like, really bitter), but I like it because I know it’s meant to do good for my body. I’ve actually let 4 or 5 people taste the tea to see their reactions… they all hated it. I heard quotes like, “I feel like I literally just bit into the outside of a grapefruit” and “There’s no way I’m going to be able to get this taste out of my mouth,” just to name a few. Don’t worry, I had fully warned them what they were getting themselves into.

As of right now I’ve been taking this new formula for 5 days. I drink the tea three times a day, right before I eat a meal. In the interim period between taking the first batch of herbs and this formula, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling very well. I think this means that the heat clearing herbs were helping. I’m hoping that the new formula will make me feel even better than first batch did, but as of right now I can’t say that it’s true.

I also have a few stressful things going on in my life at the moment, so this could absolutely be contributing to my symptoms. Jenny believes that I carry a lot of emotions internally – specifically in my stomach (as many people do), and I definitely think she’s right.

Have you guys ever tried Chinese herbs? I’d love to hear what worked (or didn’t work) for you!

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  1. Hi Brigette! Thanks a lot for sharing, it’s very interesting. From my own experience and also from my readings and friends’ experience, I know that when you try something that is supposed to improve your health, or when you are on a special diet or even fasting, it is very common that you experience discomfort. Actually it means that what you are taking is working, because it detoxifies your body. The cleansing process can be difficult in that respect, so you want to do it progressively and take professional advice, which you are doing.
    If you are going through emotional stuff it doesn’t help either, so it can have an impact of course! However, I also noticed that when you change your way of treating your own body for better, emotional things tend to emerge as well, which is a good thing, it means you can finally notice them and send them away if you want. We just need support from ourselves and someone who knows what he/she is doing, and just acknowledge what is going on in your body in a neutral way, maybe write about your feelings and sensations, I know it helps me. Good luck, but I don’t think you need it, it looks like you’re on the right direction! Xx

  2. Chinese herbs are really amazing! As a teenager I used to get chronic strep throat and missed a lot of school. Antibiotics helped but it i kept getting it about once every two months. My mom took me to an acupuncturist for a few months and she gave me herbs to drink whenever I felt I was getting sick and they literally would stop it in its tracks. I have no idea how this worked but I ended up not getting strep throat for a few years after that! We now know I was depressed and hated school and I believe I was subconsciously making my self sick so I didn’t have to go, but these herbs were really quite incredible.

  3. Oh yeah and they were disgusting! Haha. I just mixed them with a really small amount of water and took it like a shot while holding my nose, then drank water after:)

  4. Three years ago I made a new friend who was in her final year of studying chinese medicine and got me interested in seeking out other methods in treating my acne. I had been dealing with it off and on for about 10 years at this point and had thought that my only options were either to suck it up and live with it or go on accutane….for the third time… So I was very curious on what she would be able to do and pretty much open to anything. I did almost everything she had suggested and within about a month I saw some major changes. A lot of it did have to do with stress and internalizing emotions, which I had heard a million times before but hello – kind of hard to control, right?? Now I have amazing skin. Like, amazing. I am so grateful everyday when I look in the mirror and I don’t feel like I have to hide my face. It may sound shallow but it really does make a huge difference on your self esteem. I could talk your face off about how amazing that experience was for me. Truly life changing.

  5. Carole – that is so so so great to hear! I’m not sure if you’ve read my other posts in this series, but I’ve suffered from acne for over ten years, and have definitely been seeing positive changes these last few weeks! I’m so glad it worked for you and hope it does the same for me :)

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