Artwork We Love: All About The Bike

We aren’t the only ones enamored with bicycles… many artists use them as the subject of their work. There’s something whimsical about the bicycle that lends itself well to artwork. I love seeing how different people interpret them in different ways, through different mediums.  Here’s a roundup of beautiful bicycle artwork we love!

Above, an amazing crochet bike at The Bike Project.

flower bike

Flower Bike by Rebecca McMillan

bicycle with flowers

Bicycle by Indre Art Photography

yarn bomb bike

A Yarn-Bombed Bike in Tunisia

rainbow bike

Bicycle by Aspartame

bike art

Pleasant Balance by Florever

crochet bike

Crochet Bike

bike in amsterdam

Going Dutch by Emily Swedberg

bike and flowers

Bicycle by Charlie Cunningham

olek crochet bike

Crochet Bike by Olek

electric bicycle

And lastly, this crochet and electric bike by Olek and Devan Simunovich kinda blows my mind!

Check out the bicycle that we decorated, too!

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Wow… i totally love your artworks! All of bicycles seem really amazing! thank you for sharing! :D


I’m not sure if I can post photos here, but if I could I would show you the bike which my sister spray painted gold, and covered in a rainbow of woolly pompoms… You’d love it!

Love the flower bike and the crochet bike! I’m terrible at riding bikes, but I’ve incorporated them into photoshoots twice in the past year.


aw i must have missed this post! it is so amazing thankyou for the beautiful artwork! I love bikes i love flowers i lover color this post is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!