Blogger Diary: Holiday Warmth

The holidays have come and gone and now I’m filled with they warm feelings of comfort they left behind, as well as excitement for the brand new year ahead. I think the holidays come at the perfect time of year. The end of the year is a time we look back on the months that have passed and think about how each experience has brought us to where we are now. What better a way to spend that time reflecting than with the people who hold our hearts? The holidays last just long enough for us to spend a good chunk of time with those we love the most, yet go quickly enough for us to be sure to savor every moment.

This time around, I got to see so many of the people that I care about. I’m not sure the reason, but I feel like I was able to spend more time with more of my loved ones than ever before, even though I now live further away than ever before – well, maybe that’s the reason! I’m so grateful for everyone in my life and I wouldn’t be who or where I am without them! Here’s a little photo diary of the 2012 holiday season, from Thanksgiving all the way to New Year’s Day (the day I reached my quarter-century mark, ahh!). PS. Please note the incredibly magical photo booth my dear friend Jon constructed for his NYE party. Y’all know how much I love photo booths.

Holiday Season

Christmas Cookies

Black and White Feet

Instaprints and Mini Christmas Tree

New Years Eve Photo Booth

Lights and Food

New Years Eve Photo Booth

Birthday Excitement

Birthday Cake

Photos by Jon-Pierre Vargas and Brigette.

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10 years ago

cute photo booth…you guys look like you all had a blast!
Happy New Year!

10 years ago

Could you do a tutorial on how you made all of the stuff from your photo booth stay upright? Looks like it was a hit!

10 years ago

I always love all your photographs!! I check every single day to see if there are any new photographs!! I wanted to go to school for photography, but decided that Business was a better option with the economy..but now that I am at the end of my Bachelors degree I feel I have the important stuff out of the way and I am ready for the fun part..So I am thinking about getting my Masters Degree in photography…Photos are so beautiful and they remind you of all the beauty in the world even in the strangest places, they always take me to a happy place.

10 years ago

i love your top <3
beauty post
ike so much

10 years ago

what did you use to get those adorable insta snapshots?