New Book Club Read! The Power Of Now

Along with the new year comes a new book club selection! You all left some really great suggestions and it was not easy to decide on a book. I ended up choosing something that I think will be really inspiring and motivational to kick off the new year: The Power Of Now, A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle. Brigette loaned me this book after we were having a discussion about this Monday quote. By now we have all heard about the importance of living in the present, and from the reviews I’ve read, this book is a clear, well-written journey towards achieving the power of now. Read along with us this month – check back each Thursday for our favorite quotes and passages and to join in our discussion of the book!

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11 years ago

I recently purchased this book, it is amazing! I highly recommend it!

11 years ago

This book changed my life. I keep it in my nightstand and just pull it out when I “need something” in my heart. Any page you open to has wisdom to share.

11 years ago

this book totally changed my life as well xo enjoy !

11 years ago

You’ve inspired me. Buying it tomorrow!

11 years ago

This book is not only a personal life saver but raises the collective consciousness. Read it, share it, live it!

11 years ago

The Power of Now is one of my favs. I keep this and Eckhart’s “A New Earth” next to my bed for
(re)reading. Both are amazingly insightful. Great pick.

11 years ago

I am reading it now, and it is a wonderful book!

11 years ago

This book changed my life. I’m on my second read!

11 years ago

I have been reading the shorter version – Practicing the Power of Now. I read it before bed and in my early morning by just opening the book to any page and reading from there. I find making it part of my daily routine reminds me to stay grounded even when life gets stressful.